What do you think of Macrons’s stance against Juncker and EU leaders against a 12-month postponement of Brexit?

I think it’s fine-in the end it was the British who wanted to leave and that the clowns show is now continuing and going on is laughable anyway.Initially I had something like this: you want to leave after all the preferential treatments you have received from us? Well, thunder but on then. So long!

Today I believe that the very best solution is: A second referendum in the UK on Brexit, in which most likely the lies of the Brexit camp and the Russians will no longer play a role.The outcome will then be “retained” with certainty. The EU gives the British a tap on the fingers “never do it again, guys”. We kiss each other and then the whole geouwewhore is over. And frankly, I think this is the most real option.

As for Macron: I read that people are against federalization-why actually?What does it make in godesname whether you are in a European federation or if you are all like frogs in a veuls too small bucket and do not give each other the light in the eyes-because THAT is where we come from. All those anti-EU pigs want that situation back, but I think most of them have lost sight of the reality. Example: I used to think it would make it unwise and everything better when my parents would move back to my native village. Now that they’ve done that and I’ve been visiting a few times, it’s quite disappointing with everything coming well and being better-my life hasn’t changed by it and certainly didn’t get any better (for my parents though, but that’s not the point). What I am trying to say is that all those idiots who are there for the EU to lift and return to that “good old age” (full of small k * Toorlogjes between insignificant landfills over a strip of land with some cows and sheep on it) fool themselves. Federalization is a logical sequel to the current state of organization -if only to count with the world and not to be cherized all the time by the big boys like the US, Russia and China -something to a limited extent already between the US And the UK is going on; Let it be a lesson.

In short, I agree with Macron and as far as I am concerned, it cannot happen quickly enough-always that driver about that it is “too fast”.When is it going fast enough? Never. Wait? Which? The moment when heaven tears Open and shows that all pigs have worked together secretly to take over world domination? It always goes too fast if you have to believe some. At some point nails with heads must be beaten and it is just the best and least painful when you do it right away and as quickly as possible.

The British are making a jar of it.Here they have chosen. No one can get any better, however, by continuing to give more room for rumbling. There should be no postponement as far as I am concerned. Choices have to be made, which will now all be postponed because the UK just doesn’t know what it wants.

The position of the other EU leaders I also see, you have the responsibility for a whole people what comes to the lead below.Although I see the current uncertainty as a bigger problem than a Brexit would cause.

I expect, and I hope, that Brexit will not continue, because of the hassle of doing so.Still a second referendum..?


Macron must win elections.In this way, it is useful to be bold, that a dramatic Brexit is currently undermining the Frexit agenda of the Front National.

I would also do it if I was him.

It is often referred to the more federalist tendencies of France in relation to the EU average.That is not true, and has nothing to do with this story.

I have not heard Macron’s point of view but I am opposed to a postponement.According to the EU’s own rules, only one-time postponement is possible and they have had it.

According to its own rules, it is not the intention to withdraw and re-start Brexit.

A hard Brexit must now follow

May has always been against a Brexit and should now accompany Brexit, it looks more and more like Brexit is being pushed on the long track and that it will eventually be blown off.It was never thought that the population would opt for a Brexit, if necessary to hold a new referendum, as long as the population chooses to keep the UK to the Union.

During the forthcoming elections, the UK’s seats will be redistributed over the remaining countries because it was foreseen that the UK had already abandoned the EU.

England and France belong to the great nations of Europe.At least they look at themselves. Sense of Grandeur and nationalism are anchored in their culture. Especially with the French. Honor and pride are more important than polders as with us. Macron plays in it, otherwise he is likely to lose the support of his own people.

Why all those adjustments and delays?There has been a democratic choice for Brexit after more than enough long campaign struggles. The reaction of the British now amazes me. Never before have I heard such a ridiculous thing as organising elections and then asking for new elections because the result is not quite as expected.

I have settled in the south of England and the hatred of everything that has to do with Europe has always been in all my acquaintances and remains now.

The fact that the campaigns consist mainly of disinformation and populism is now the cause of the real effects that are gradually coming to the top of the water.

A large group begins to realise that they have been kicked into that fall of populism.No one listened to the moderate voices that predicted problems for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The political proponents of Brexit have completely wrongly held out to the British a utopia that was filled with populism. The ever nationalistic Brit did not have the ear to moderate voices that rightly predicted problems for Brits abroad and Europeans working in GB.

Now that we continue to postpone, only the division within the whole of Europe is increasing.

Personally, I would say: let them leave with or without a deal and agree that the matter will be reviewed in five years ‘ time.Then it is clear to everyone how and what. Let the British choose again, then they can make a right choice on the basis of what they themselves experience. Whatever that may be.

I suspect that Macron is looking more towards developing the EU to a federal Europe.From that point of view, I can imagine his position well.

I do not think that his future image currently has much bearing power in Europe.In any case, Germany and the Netherlands are more pragmatic in this, which look mainly at the economic and monetary aspects of the EU.

So: I get it, I find it only too ambitious, and not convenient.

It’s a rude scandal, they want to be out, kick them out!Now they catch and they have to pay money, where do the reviews stay what that costs? All those trips and gatherings will run nicely in the paper. Pull that patch out at once, that’s going to be better than this slow hassle. Meanwhile we pay the new customs officers and they do nothing.

De Gaulle was against membership of the UK anyway.

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