What do you think of blockchain technology?

The technology is as surprising as it is presented.What is done with it is verse two.I know a lot of applications for a bread knife.

Also, you can’t tell if ‘ databases ‘ are good or bad.Or programming languages. It’s about the functionality and what you do with it and how it is accepted.

So there is still a way to go in that respect, for the blockchain.But the promises of the technique (as previously that database technique) is unimaginably large.

That is not to say that every application will be good or successful.But a lot. The next wave is on.

It will become increasingly used in the future and be completely intertwined in our lives as for example electric cars.

Looks good actually.But is still waiting to see how far it goes.

If we can get past the hype of the crypto currencies there are many applications that can be very useful.

I think the biggest problem of Blockchains is the limited scalability. I do not see yet how you eg.Something like the payment traffic is synchronized. So, Ovet will continue to have some pilot projects with limited number of transactions. And before that, I found the amount of infrastructure killing. The driving force behind Bitcoin’s popularity is, in my view, the anonymity that is of course very appealing to certain groups of people with lots of cash.

Blockchain technology will certainly be the future, only it is still in development.Think of the Internet that started out as an email resource and see what it has become now.

Blockchain started with Bitcoin and then the Smartcontracs came to look around the corner.I am sure it will develop further.

It should also be taken into account that it is not a substitute for a database or anything like that.It is a powerful technology that must also be deployed in such a way.

Bitcoin is the only real blockchain, the rest is all hype.The hugely interesting features of a blockchain are created by the fact that all parties involved are sent by financial intentions to do what is right for the blockchain.

This is where extreme security and decentralisation originate.A bank, government or corporation that want to control or possess a blockchain will NEVER be able to build a blockchain with revolutionary properties (that’s why they’ve already burned millions and don’t have a working product yet).

Also all altcoins are fundamentally misbuilt.The ‘ Store of value ‘ function on the main chain is hugely important. In the long term, all altcoins will be against the network effect of Bitcoin and 2nd and higher layers on Bitcoin will drive them out of the market.

Because of the extreme safety level of the ‘ store of value ‘ Mainchain, they are ALWAYS superior.Moreover, Bitcoin is the only one that meets the condition of a new monetary standard.

As there is only one internet, there will be only one blockchain and that is Bitcoin.

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