What do you think of Apple TV +? Do you think Netflix has something to worry about?


All these platforms can coexist perfectly.It’s not that you can choose one. It’s really something other than a computer or a television in that respect: there you can really only use one at a time (usually, with computers).

You can very well have multiple platforms at once.You can only view one at a time, but there will undoubtedly be more that an offer that interests you.

So no, I don’t think all those platforms are worried about others.

I really don’t think so.Netflix has at least a big lead and is much more famous and more neutral than Apple.

Certainly not.

Apple TV works to my experience only on Apple well, and Netflix works well on all the systems it supports.

The same applies to Apple +, which the Apple TV app needs.

I could have missed that…

Good.(Fleeting) Further research shows that it is only adding Apple content for the moment.

Not, like Netflix, include third-party content.Not yet, at least.

So the chances of your favorite program being there is still small.

At an additional cost (on top of a subscription), more content from Apple Partners (HBO, for example) will be streamed later, without having to be forwarded to that service.

But to say, that Netflix customers are suddenly going to switch, I don’t believe that.

Netflix competes with Amazon and soon Fox/Disney.That Apple is trying to step into it in a richly late and, I don’t expect them to make a big dent in the market here. They start boarding in a slightly saturated market. They can (with Oprah) undoubtedly tackle a niche, the market they are not going to conquer.

Netflix has a lot to fear, only I don’t think Apple is the reason for that.

I think the biggest threat to Netflix comes from Disney.Disney has recently presented their new video service. Disney has the rights to a huge number of films and series (Disney, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Marvel and Lucas Films and many others).

If Disney loves all of this exclusively for themselves, they have a good foundation for a successful platform.

What Apple wants to do to make their platform successful is not yet clear.But for the moment, I don’t think Netflix is worried about Apple.

If you’re a competitor to Apple, I’d be at least worried about it.They proved to be quite clever when they want to conquer a market, so far.
Whoever does not do so is quickly flooded.By Apple or another company. So always keep an eye on your competitors. If they are successful. Wonder Why they are successful.Then they seem to see something you haven’t seen…. quickly adjust then. Your competitors are your best research institutes!

For the time being, Netflix still has nothing to do with Apple TV +.

Only if Apple TV + becomes available to a global audience and the offer is larger, Netflix will have to worry about this.

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