What do you think is wrong with today’s society?

The following link deals with the ever-increasing conflict between two main camps in Western societies, which has been growing since at least the 1980s.

As a result of this conflict, fundamental problems cannot be solved at present, such as climate problems, migration of peoples, the effects of neoliberalism, which are leading to ever greater threats to economies and monetary systems.

Likewise, the fundamental conflict over the formation of camps in Western societies is also exacerbating increasing tensions on earth, which alone with Russia can lead to increasingly critical situations, even though Russia is simply a Europ.neighbouring state.

The problems in the Islamic states, which are increasingly being carried to Europe, can hardly be solved in a realistic and pragmatic way by the formation of camps in the EU/D/USA, since the two camps block each other through senseless and stupid ideologising.

The link describes the cause of the camp formation:

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On differences between people:

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On the problems and consequences of neoliberalism:

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Since neoliberalism requires an easy interchangeability of all those involved in the work process (maximization of profits), it has developed and disseminated an unrealistic human image, claiming that all human beings are with the same Qualities and abilities, from which the idea of any equality and interchangeability of all peoples and peoples has crept into thought.

This is precisely what leads to the creeping destruction of all cultures and lived peculiarities of ethnic groups (self-identification of the individual), which are increasingly replaced today and in the future by capital-enhancing advertised trends to fashions, to socially widespread devotion in artificial group formations (see only FB, cosmopolitans, commercial communities, etc., etc.).

People already feel messed up today, and resist with artificial individualizations, see tatoos, nose rings and many other senseless artificial helpless substitutes of a self, in the form of purchased or staged by advertising group affiliations, etc.

Neoliberalism leaves child poverty in the double sense as the most damaging consequence, pushing people towards self-realization as the supposed highest goal of life, whereby people raise the value and necessities of the adultening child and descendants no longer seem to see at all, and no longer, in a harmful way.


On the basic question of what concerns and determines Western neoliberal societies in the long term (e.g. intelligence/skills), i.e. not specifically D. (The answer relates to the efficiency of the Europ.and Western states, including East Asia):

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