What do you think is the source of consciousness?

I think that consciousness has two components.

The complexity of the human body creates consciousness.Thus, the complexity of a living structure creates consciousness. Single-celled can also make observations. For example, they move to the light, or to water with an optimal temperature. These unicellones are then aware of light or temperature. You can also build a robot that moves to the light, yet we do not say that a robot has consciousness. A unicellular is many times more complex than a robot, it feeds itself, restores itself, shares itself.

If you think more about it, it just raises more questions.

The second aspect is to make the smallest particles .Now we know quite little about these particles. You can compare it to a computer photo. When you zoom in, you will see the pixels as cubes at some point. These cubes are becoming bigger and you cannot look into the cubes themselves. This is how our knowledge is about the smallest particles. We can’t go into any further than quarks and we don’t know what to see if you’re buzzing hundreds of times more. The theory about quarks is very strange, with particles changing together. Also particles are not particles but also small waves.

Sometimes you see in a sunny room the dust whirling in the sunlight.A kind of dance of dust. So I imagine those smallest particles. These small particles sometimes live very briefly, before they change into other particles, but because of their smallness they ‘ live ‘ also in another time. Their ‘ subjective ‘ time experience is different from ours.

So I also have the idea that these smallest particles are somehow consciousness.

In this vision, 鈧?虄dead ‘ matter also has consciousness, but in a living cell, the complexity of the inner cohesion is many times greater.If the consciousness of a quark is a pixel, then the consciousness of a unicellular is an enormously large image.

So I imagine the source of consciousness.

鈧?”if the interplay of different natures form an objective reality (i.e. a reality that is causally linked), and these can be perceived by the senses before it is stored in memory: Then it is susceptible to the Human intellect; If there is an understanding here through the mind, and this concept is permanent, then we cannot but decide that the whole thing is conscious.

鈧?”when a man uses all the senses in the game to Create an interplay that is innermost observable (Sensus communis): Then it can be by the affects, memory, and intellect, a judgement ability based on a Reasonable objective which may be prejudicial or detrimental in the chosen future.

鈧?”the above, both of which are a description of an inner conscience, are closely related to the appearance conscience, or knowledge (consciences).This is important in a society that requires an average knowledge of the civilian. It is no different than that it is moral, and therefore also bound to time and culture, because the moral or immoral can be expressed in language, which we know is a collection of images (a representation of natural phenomena).

All in all, we cannot yet count on the fact that consciousness is reasonable from itself. This is so, if you also believe that the reality consists of wholes (2×2 = 4) and therefore also necessary consequences, (if 茫 漏 茫 漏 n change completely into two wholes then that comes because there is a 漏 脙 漏 n whole, the same applies to three wholes, four , five, etc.). Before I become aware of my inner perception, I must first be faced with an objective which gives a favourable advantage to the current status quo; You see, there must first be a state of on-reason, before a reason can be initiated: In mathematics This is included by the number 鈧?虄0, 鈧?”because it is impossible that this exists 鈧? so, this naturally jumps back to 鈧?虄1. The Objectives of the human being are self-evident.Because man, through his natural urges, is in an ongoing state of pain, it cannot be any different than that the most affective being is forced to constantly judge which state is best suited to bring to the Reality. This is possible for man because he has a large body in the form of 鈧?虄language (a representation of natural phenomena): if this is possible for other beings, this must be proven by means of patterns that are linked to A beneficial advantage 鈧?”like a predator that can see a prey as weak or unsensible, or a pet who listens to a gesture and understands the different emotions.

Wonderful question!My answer is: Be aware of the source.