What do you think is the biggest scandal that the Dutch government swept under the mat?

Pooh that I find a tricky one.

I think that perhaps the biggest scandal has many faulty parts, such as corruption, cover-up, abuse of power and damage to people’s health.

I honestly would not know immediately which is the largest. A scandal that I consider to be great is a scandal that the government has not learned and I suspect there are many of them.I have the idea that there will still be old scandals coming up again, because there is not really being caught and maintained.

Look at a Pangka affair with sugarcane you will not soon encounter nowadays, because the Netherlands no longer has such colonies.So that kind of greed you won’t see more soon, because the odds are no longer there. Unfortunately, I believe that there are still countless scandals, which come back in some way or another. I think the list I give here is far from complete.

Scandals such as the Groninger Kredietbank affair.Unfortunately I have heard about questionable constructions when I was studying in Groningen. So I don’t have the idea that something really has been done here.

I also see the building fraud of the 1990s coming back in new form.For a long time I have seen politicians put on posts which I suspect are corrupt and have accepted bribes at the time.

I also see a similar scandal with the Hofnarretje in Amsterdam.Such institutions and also healthcare institutions are now asking for a VOG, but they really do not detect such people, so it is, in my opinion, symbolic politics. It will only happen to your child.

The licensing system around, for example, cattle feed still seems to be a mess.I suspect that this woman is still more wrong. Every time I see her in an interview, I’m already skeptical.

Tendering for large ICT projects is a great mess.I do not have the idea that a commission is going to help in this, certainly not when there are political boyfriends involved that you can know is not a pure coffee.

I also thought that the purchase of police cars was harrowing, right of justice, you should not expect this kind of practice.

I would not know what I find the greatest, but the worst… I think chrome-6 in Tilburg I find a horror to hear.There have been people there who were forced to work by a reintegration company and were therefore not out of free will. In such projects, a lot of money is involved and also in tendering for reintegration. If I had to pick one, maybe it does, but it remains a tricky one.

My blood cooks just about while I write it all down.It comes across as injustice and I can resist badly. People can sometimes be so unscrueless and you know what strikes me? It does not matter to what political party you look, once there is power and not good control, you see that it goes wrong.

A number of years ago there was a parliamentary investigation into corruption practices in the construction industry.People in that business branch were punished because they had given officials bribes.

The (corrupt!) officials who received them were released…

“We do not make any representations about the presence or failure of nuclear weapons on the Volkel airbase”

While the whole of the W茅reld knows that there are still 22 of these things and in what kind of safes they are lying.It is now also admitted by an old prime minister, the documents on WikiLeaks have stood. The air base has been a nuclear task since 1960 .Yes, you get to do the dishes for the Americans…

Good so government.Mainly continue.

There are many.Everything that a committee of inquiry was unleashed on, plus the other things mentioned here.

Actually everything, which is swept under the mat is a big scandal.A determination of the largest Dasrvan seems to me irrelevant.

There will undoubtedly be many, but the first thing that I personally have to come into (and I have consciously experienced) is the fall of Srebrenica and everything that has been wiped out by all sorts of relevant authorities ‘ under the mat ‘.As far as the Netherlands is concerned, it is most striking that the “destroyed” photo roll of Srebrenica (see The same Wiki-link).

If you can’t perform a job, you shouldn’t assume it, especially if the assignment involves protecting human lives.Furthermore, the Netherlands has seriously renounced to reveal loud and clear how seriously our own allies-the Americans, British and in particular the French-Dutchbat and, above all, the people of Srebrenica have shameful hard and thus indirectly the have been killed in death. The fall of Srebrenica led the Grand genocide on European territory since the Second World War in…

Allies resist air support decision Srebrenica

I think Chrome 6 is the worst, followed by the conceal of potential earthquakes due to gas drilling in Groningen.

Prince Bernhardt

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