What do you think is more important in the way people experience his experiences: facts or emotions? Both are of course necessary, but what do you think should take precedence over the other?

Our experiences are emotions.Smells, fears, gladness, uncertainty, self-assurance. If it goes nicely, is also an emotion. With a flat tire, if you lose something, when talking, fear when you need to speak to someone, feeling of crampness when something goes wrong, ‘ how do I explain this now? ‘, sadness in bad messages, mourning, repulsion, dislike, etc. Probably all animals have emotions and also plants know emotions. We feel them immediately, without thinking first, though we can ignore them or deny them.

Emotions give meaning to the facts.The facts as we experience them. That we experience life as meaningful also comes through the emotions. Grandparents enthuse with their grandchildren. That, in fact, it is wiser to finish a handicapped child, nobody wants to know, our emotions are opposed.

Even if someone dies, we go there in a solemn way, we bury the corpse instead of feeding it to the dogs.

Emotions themselves are also facts and we can reflect on our emotions.This makes man special. Our knowledge and our intelligence. Knowledge is passed on. This is culture. Through our intelligence we can think about what we experience and what we know. Our intelligence is driven by our emotions. If something interests you you will learn effortlessly.

At a higher level we can also think about our emotions.”I was very angry at the time and got this or that was thrown off. How did this? How could I have done differently? ” “I dare not stand up at all to say what I find. Rather I go dead. But it’s just a social fear and I mite do otherwise block my own development. ” By reflecting we learn to react less extreme, not through anger eruptions but through a quiet conversation. We can also think about our sociable activities; “Why should we mock him or her?”, “Why am I so busy to hear about it?”.

If we learn to deal with our emotions, we can develop ourselves.

To begin with is what man experiences an interpretation of events and of thoughts.The four G s are also known in this connection:

First there is an event.Subsequent thoughts arise. These thoughts cause us a certain feeling. Following this you can set a certain behavior that can have consequences.

You don’t always have events under control.Also your thoughts do not. But you can choose what you do with these thoughts. Only letting your feelings be determined by emotions is never good. Emotions may be there, but should not be given full control of your feelings and behaviors. Then the effects can turn out negatively.

What can help is practicing by becoming aware of your thoughts.You will find that these often do not correspond to reality. Especially when you feel less well, your thoughts often make you feel that everything is negative. When you take the time to observe these thoughts and judge them, you will decide that they often do not conform to reality. When you practice this, you are going to find that your feelings are positively influenced by it. And after a while you’ll even notice that that kind of thoughts systematically decreases. Which in turn will have a positive influence on your feelings and in a number of cases you will have a different behavior, which can have more beneficial effects.

I would add that I am not a qualified person who will tell you that you have to deal with it.I tell you this because it is what helped me when I was having a first depression and recently a second.

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