What do you think is a sign of superior intelligence?

For me that is humility.Having one high intelligence comes with the realization how much you do not know right. How much you can’t achieve right. How much you depend on others. How uncertain you are about what you still need. The importance of motivating others to achieve a higher goal. So someone sees the value of deeds.

So I am also very skeptical about someone who boasts an IQ test, so someone I can’t take I seriously.It is to place yourself at a higher level based on something you happen to be born with.

Leadership without belittle others.On the contrary, you have the ability to learn from others.

You should not only be able to see through everything quickly, but you also have to understand that others sometimes get nothing at all.You need to know how to deal with this and understand that you can’t put yourself above others.

If you are very intelligent, it may be difficult to understand how it is to be less intelligent.Or no less but different-intelligent, to use only a politically correct term. It is true that others have insights that you do not have.

I remember the story of a super intelligent boy who wants to keep his finger out of curiosity against a rotating hone.The others, less intelligent, quickly pulled his hand away, for they simply know that you are not doing anything like that.

Someone with superior intelligence can also explain a difficult theory well in simple words.Einstein has written a book on the theory of relativity that is well understood. Hawkins has also written very understandably about astronomy and black holes.

And there are more great scientists who can write very readable.Go on a voyage of discovery.

Intelligence is determined by birth, just as if your husband is female, blond or dark, short or long legs.By a completely erroneous interpretation of the theory of evolution, people believe that high intelligence or beautiful wavy blond hair makes someone 鈧?艙fitter 鈧?and that evolution has therefore chosen them. However, a truly intelligent person knows that intelligence also impedes him/her or even with responsibilities, where one would rather be unsafeguarded. An intelligent person understands his intelligence as very relative and does not talk about it. Certainly, so鈩?N person does not boast, unless it is taxed with stitch-developed narcissistic traits.

Can apply a broad general knowledge on everyday situations.

Hmm.So the question is to which I would deduce that one belongs to the most intelligent five percent, or 1 percent, or 1 Promille. (I don’t know where to put the boundary.) I would not know it trushly.

I also don’t give much to intelligence.The world is not necessarily better. Many of those boys and girls who are thinking about banking tricks to manipulate us and make even more money are very intelligent. And those guys from Microsoft and Facebook and Apple and that kind of fringe-criminal organizations (at least according to the EU, which they imposed record-fines) are also quite intelligent. Or those lazy who tamper with genes from plants and animals for Monsanto, now Bayer, and make poor farmers even poorer.

And well, I can’t look any further than my own light allows me.So if someone really has a street length in front of me in terms of intelligence, I probably can’t even see that.

But I give to wisdom.That’s the opposite of stupidity, not intelligence. Wisdom, I do know some characteristics, because I just asked for it on Quora, what people consider to be signs of wisdom. I did not think of that, but this was broadly:

  • The will to understand and learn things;
  • The realisation that there is always more to learn;
  • The realisation that everyone can make mistakes;
  • The ability to admit own mistakes;
  • The ability to motivate others to do good;
  • Persistence and patience, do not give up when it becomes difficult or there is a lot of opposition;
  • Long-term consequences;
  • Find other ways, if a certain road is dead;
  • Compassion
  • Of people do not ask what they really can not.

Well, quite simply all.You really don’t have to be super intelligent for it. And yet I am still far from it. In wisdom, I mean.

Edit 21 march 2019: My memory has taken a bit of a run with me and let me add parts from a different answer from me.When I checked it later, it turned out that what really came out of my mini-exam was this:

  1. The ability to listen to others;
  2. Awareness of one’s limitations in knowledge and wisdom;
  3. Preparedness to admit to mistakes and to change one’s opinion if proven false;
  4. Compassion
  5. Ability to react sensibly to unforeseen circumstances;
  6. Calmness.

Nothing changes the scope, but rather no (accidental) deception.


As Plato wrote about Socrates at the Oracle of Delphi 鈧?艗i know I’m not knowing anything.

鈧?艙superior Intelligentie 鈧?/p>

These are of those things where I am not so unbelief mainly because something like IQ is what you are born with and not so much developed.But I think your question (if I interpret it correctly) is not so much so for someone who has learned it, but I am going to chop the bit superior because I think a lot of people can achieve the following points and I also strive for that. I hope I’ll still answer your question.

An intelligent Person:

  • Can listen well, know that listening means that you have said what someone else is to be reflected back and you have to ask so that you understand someone, until the person feels that you understand him or even better his argument than he/ She could.
  • Patience.
  • He/she always assumes that the person in front of him or her knows something he/she does not know.
  • Remains quiet, has learned that the way of most resistance is often also the best.
  • Does not go against baseless attacks, but also does not directly call sorry.

Sometimes you are right and you have to make that point too, and sometimes you should not even enter into the discussion.

And if you have gifted people, I still have the same points for me, but in my opinion we are talking about 鈧?艙very very smar 鈧?which in my view is something completely different as intelligent.

Pascal describes more what is clever . It is superior, I think, to invent a very clever (indeed) combination, new or developed existing idea, which also proves to be very feasible .Only then does society really have something to do with it. So clever innovations and combinations, which prove to be super feasible .That is what I would like to call superior. The coincidence K谩n play a large role in the fact whether the cleverness gets a k谩ns to findthe reality .W脙 漏 脙 漏 R that feasibility thus.

But understand how in reality you can use existing trends to embrace your new cleverness, if that is Consciously and not by chance , D脙 隆 T might be superior.

Or something.

鈧?艗for A carpenter All solutions consist of a hammer 鈧?This is of course an oversimplification, but it does indicate that most people only think in their own little cow.

Also many clever people fall into that trap.For example, detectives who are too much stuck on a particular suspect.

Superior intelligence is, in my opinion, someone who has a broad field of view on something that this does not happen quickly.

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