What do you think all dog owners should know that is not widely known?

I don’t know exactly if all the tips below are written generally known.. They are quite important in my opinion.

Dogs should not be punished for urinating if they are very excited or happy to see you back after a long working day.Instead, ignore them the first 2 minutes of it as soon as you enter.

If you want to go hiking in the summer with your four-legged friend (also applies for the evening), check first if the street is not too hot: Put your hand on it for 10 seconds. Is it too hot for you?Then it’s probably too hot for your dog.

Dogs cannot tell you if they have pain somewhere or are sick.Eating grass, a dry nose, an extremely wet nose, glassy eyes, drinking little/no water, and all sorts of other suspicious treks should not be ignored.

If you wash your dog yourself (like me), pay attention to the temperature of the water.Absolutely no hot water use, I learned from my mother. At most lukewarm water, but therefore do not exaggerate with very cold temperatures..

Hopefully you’re having something with the info!

Don’t forget that a female will become loops.Just as women get unasked. You will have to do something about it or know that they bleed over your soil for a week or two. And all the dogs in the neighborhood crazy.

That is often something that people do not stand still.

That dogs like people do not want to greet everyone.Well as a puppy, but this should not be encouraged, but managed in good jobs. I let mine with all the dogs sniff in an attempt to ‘ socialize ‘ her. I did this with all sorts of dogs, of which the owners said they were sweet, although they were often very turbulent. My dog started barking at all the other dogs, and did not love any more to every dog when I let her say, and then I found on the Internet why; She felt like she had to say day, even though she didn’t want to.Since I do BAT, she doesn’t yaps at all, and we can just pass some dogs. Sometimes she starts by making a little loop around them.

That ‘ he’s sweet/mean it right ‘, just isn’t enough. I compare it myself with; If you are a mentally limited person of 30 with a mental age of 2 between 2 year old toddlers put down.It does not leave you without guidance. And when he does with playing tag and the toddlers accidentally keg because he does not understand that he is too big, you also do not say ‘ he means it well ‘ and let him go. No, you learn how to do it, or look for equivalent play buddies. If a toddler too often would encounter such adults it would not be crazy if they already start crying if they only see other adults, for fear of hurting them, and some will even shoot in the defense when an adult comes closer Parent/guardian is not in between. Not crazy. So why are small dogs always depicted as small irritating keffers? Mine is already several times overturned, on the line, and loose. I only leave her on a leash, because she is incredibly much to other dogs. However, there are also people who let their little dogs in ‘ socialization ‘ look for themselves, and which are only minor ones, because they know they are not protected.

If people with big dogs would take more account of the difference in format and way of playing, and people with small dogs would take their dog in better protection, we would have a lot less keffers and ankle bijters.

Certain breeds have certain raseigencies.And sometimes they do not (at all) manifest themselves, but just assume that this is the case. So don’t buy a husky for his blue eyes if you can’t handle their energy level and escape cures. Do not buy Kees Hond (Dwarf Kees, Little Kees, etc.) because of their fluffy appearance if you prefer not to have a Watchman. Don’t buy Pitbull because of their tough couple if you don’t know how to go with a dog-tolerance. I thought as a child that all dogs were just dogs, but with different looks. I know better in the meantime, but it seems like many people don’t know this yet. Or do not understand that something is just the nature of the beast. And that things don’t work out. Perhaps to suppress it, but if the dog is triggered… What if your hunting dog can’t resist that shooting bunny for his nose once and comes for a car? What if your Stafford is challenged too much and gets stuck in that perhaps irritating little keffertje, although it had remained out of itself at a meter distance, and besides irritating did not cause any damage. Read well in a breed, make sure you know all their raseities, and have peace with it if they are manifested. Because sure you have hunting dogs without hunting instinct, and pit bulls without dog tolerance. But those are exceptions, not a rule. My breed is known for its sticdeness with the owner and therefore high probability of abandonment anxiety. And yes, I have a dog that is heavily in the stress when I am from home. But I knew this could happen, and didn’t take her while I was taking a full-time job outdoors. I work from home making them at least only at home.

That dogs are not robots, but living creatures with their own character.Family has a Labrador crossing male, who is not an all-man friend, but a Watchman, and already several strange people who suddenly came into their garden has slipped. One of the owners is very difficult with this, thinks that something is wrong with the dog because it responds so much. And finds it terrible that he should be muzzled, as if he thinks he failed as owner. While some dogs just have a certain nature. If they had known it from puppy, they might have partly been able to lead it into other jobs, it is among other things because of denial, that it has come so far. Even though they had let him watch, but led it into other jobs… Who knows. Even though perhaps only the approach they do now (muzzle at visite, and a sign at the fence so that people no longer just enter the garden) has already worked. It is because of this denial that the male has more people worried bruises, as if they had acted immediately to his nature.

Broodfok/Litter/pedigree breeders.The first are always wrong anyway. People should read better, and not have to buy a puppy from a bread breeder, if only to ‘ save ‘ them…. Because with their money they still maintain that practice. Although the puppies still look so beautiful, and may seem to fall with their suffering, the breeding females are hardly given rest and are often kept in barrere conditions, because they do not have to look beautiful for the buyers as they remain behind the scenes.

I am divided about fun litters.This is how the ‘ breeders ‘ mean (they prefer not to call themselves because it is generally one-off. The fact remains that you have put two dogs together, and although one-off, well-known as a breeder) it might be good, but they do except a maybe general health check no tests for their dogs, to look for HD, PL, SM/CM, PRA, ED, etc.. Also, from ignorance, a cross is often ‘ made ‘, because they are ‘ healthier ‘. Without tests, you may put a male with PL on a bitch with SM/CM. Even though the breeds may be different, that does not mean that the pups do not inherit the PL and the SM/CM from their parents.

Pedigree breeders generally do the best.Here you also have to separate the chaff from the corn, but they usually do all the tests needed for the breed (you have to check this out yourself by looking at results of the tests, and see if they have not only done the minimum , but really all the tests that are useful for that breed), and by looking into the pedigree you can also see if there is no inbreeding place/found. They remain living creatures, and despite everything, you can still be unlucky that your dog has HD for example. But then you know for sure that it’s bad luck, not because you financed irresponsible dock, and that it could have been avoided if you had a little more money down.

Because people complain about the cost of a puppy, or that they did not know that a breeder was a bread breeder.But mobiles are almost as expensive as a puppy nowadays, and last even less long. And for that kind of expenditure we check whether the brand makes good and sturdy mobiles, and whether the store that delivers them is a good store, and not a nepper who only takes your money and does not deliver mobile. Why not make the same effort to make sure you get a living creature at home with the best start possible, which your best buddy may hopefully be until he hopefully is 20:/