What do you think about Yanis Varoufakis’s Diem 25?

No idea frankly, but I have stopped taking that man seriously, regarding his democratic content.

Spoiler Alert: People with a communist background you can now better close the eyelets.

I initially had some appreciation for him, how he tried to negotiate with Jeroen Dijsselbloem from a desperate position.He has also said some sensible things from Keynesian economic perspective, although I do not always follow him in that too long.

But in political and certainly historical terms, he has long since lost my respect.I once saw an interview of him with a Russian journalist. He mentioned how he visited the Soviet Union as a child. He praised the Soviet Union as the only non-imperialist country in the world.

Ahum sorry.Did I hear that right?

Gulag Archipelago, Holodomor…

Invasion of Baltic States, Caucasian countries, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.They have also tried Afghanistan even in the 1980s. Not to mention the Warsaw Pact. How is that not imperialist? May he explain me first.

Also that it is left and pan-European I snap, but democratically how then?

And do I read that Slavoj 沤i啪ek and asange support the movement?

Ah well i snap it.;)

There are some interviews with Varoufakis that I have seen.The man is intelligent and knows the matter well. But he also has an unusual look at the current rule of law. What he proposes does fit that image.

However, the whole is very idealistic.The proposed technocration is far away from the sense of what citizens are pursuing. Look at the lack of ratio which makes populism so popular. Make the decision process even more mechanical and the ordinary citizen has no confidence at all and hopes more. It simply does not close to what we as a union, country, city and individual are looking for, a recognizable life.

No doubt that an EU such as Varoufakis proposes to make decisions that will benefit the whole Union, but perhaps the individual does not.I also get good where it comes from. The problems in some European countries are great. Systematic corruption is the order of the day and the damage large. There is no doubt that what needs to be done, but let this be a national issue.

I’m waiting how it evolves, but something has to happen in Greece (years ago already).

I am personally in agreement with the programme points that there must be an end to discrimination against the Palestinians by the US and Israel.

I fully agree with the urgent need for transparency in the European institutions.

Further criticism as “a danger to the European Union”, I do not share.What is the union still worth? I do not think there has ever been a real union. Perhaps in the beginning, when the consequences of the second war were still visible everywhere. Furthermore, almost exclusively the economy was taken into account and man quickly came to second place.

Not so much.As for me, an opportunist who seizes the Greek problems to gain power from it

The question is, above all, whether the EU is yet to be repaired.Many people fear the loss of sovereignty and national identity and abhor the low democratic content of the EU, which has left an alcoholic, unelected clown as Junker at the helm.

I believe that the EU has reached the limit of what people can still handle.The notion of Federation acts like a red rag on the citizens. The EU has also become too large and consists of culturally non-matching blocks. The rational, fiscally disciplined north-western Europe, the undisciplined and somewhat corrupt southern Europe and Eastern Europe without democratic tradition and a deep dislike of a situation where Brussels actually feels like the new Moscow for them.

I believe that the greatest anger of Europeans is caused by the fact that the EU does not succeed in guarding the external borders.People are longing for a fortress Europe and do not want unwanted aliens to enter the continent and once they are not returned. The anger is very large. With this lack of decisiveness, the EU has forfeited a lot of credit. Do you believe that many Europeans are happy with the Orban fence? It doesn’t help if someone like Timmermans says, “It’s multiculturality or war.” That is, in the first place, nonsense and certainly not what the average European wants to hear.

People are also angry about the spoiled class of Eurocrats, which seems to be particularly concerned with creating a pleasant Europe for business and a comfortable life for itself.The lobbyists are at the door of the Members of the European Parliament. The fact that the whole circus travels to Strasbourg every now and again because the French want it, is also bad.

People are further angry about all sorts of countries (Poland, Hungary, Italy) who do not attract the agreed rules of the game.The EU does not appear to be able to do much.

People are irritated by the desire to be a member of the EU in Eastern Europe. It is imperialism without war.Everyone already has such a suspicion that Ukraine is simply being tortured. We have long been aware that EU subsidies are disappearing in the pockets of friends of the incumbent leader in the third countries.

What does Diem 25 think?Massaging until people get excited again? And about what? For a federal Europe? How do you achieve that? The EU has too long been built in a bureaucratic way and now it is almost impossible to neutralise the cynicism of the people.

I think most Dutch people actually want to go back to the Europe of the nine.The rest may be associated, but a country immediately flies out of bad behaviour.

Well, maybe that’s especially my preference.At D66, they want to anchor EU membership even in the Constitution, so that there can never be a coalition that will implement a Nexit. The D of D66 stands for Democrats, do you remember?

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