What do you think about VMO and Van Post, a Belgian-Dutch extremist action group defending a great Netherlands, namely the Association of Flanders with the Netherlands?

The VMO no longer exists for more than 30 Jaat.For post is a small right-wing splinter grouping of which there are superiors of the same stroke. I do not lie awake there. What bothers me more are the large rural parties who fish in the same pond and do exercise power.

The great Dutch thought is not necessarily (extreme) right.

Although I do not see a voluntary partnership between the Netherlands and Flanders or the Netherlands and Belgium, there are also arguments to be found which do fit in the liberal-Democratic thoughts.

Naïve!The Flemish culture differs at least as much from the Dutch culture as the culture of the GDR of the Federal Republic. That gives hatred and envy and feelings of being disadvantaged. I see the Flemings already complaining about all those blunt Dutchmen with their big jaw. On the day that such an amalgamation is a fact, a fierce separation movement immediately arises.

I cannot say much about VMO and for post, although I can shine some light on the probability of a large Netherlands along the Belgian side.

You have to understand that in Belgium alone there has been a lot of debate and is still being conducted on a possible split.The problem here is Brussels. Wallonia would never agree to a split if it is to issue Brussels.

You can say that Wallonia might best join France; But that is a very unattractive option for France, since Wallonia would be one of their poorest arrondissements.More burden than good.

If Flanders is to deliver Brussels and only goes to the Netherlands, this area is also less attractive for the Netherlands.Especially if you know that a very large number of people in Flanders are going to work in Brussels. Legally, this would already be a disaster.

So as long as the division of Belgium is still a problem, no party will have to put those objectives like ‘ Groot-Nederland ‘ or ‘ Vlaanderen Apart ‘ to be taken seriously.And Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia are all three better where they are now than any other possibility there is in this split. So there is no reason to think that this will change soon.

I find fascism reprehensible.But what others think of it…

Can I just go puking?I like it, they want some other things too… That cannot be supported by the bracket. So a return to the feudality.

If I have been acquainted with a number of Europeans, had some interest in girls of all sorts of nationalities, eat a lot of places in Europe… So I don’t feel the need to confine myself to our language area.I am a Fleming, but because I eat a large stew with fries, I like a Duvel drink and my surroundings appreciate it. And I sometimes enjoy drinking a grimbergen in Barcelona. They also know what is delicious.

You don’t have to be a fascist to be a supporter of the great Dutch thought.

I myself am not a supporter of it, but I think it is interesting to philothe.With only Flanders we are still a small country. Otherwise, it will be when we also involve French Flanders and the coast to Boulogne (once a Flemish language under the name Beans), east and North Friesland, Kleverland and Oost Gelre. Then we would become a medium-sized country extending from the Danish border to almost to the Somme.

However, trying to realise this would be rather insane; This would require successful wars against NATO and EU partners bigger and stronger than we do.

Totally speculative so and we would get a lot of enemies.Furthermore, few things have brought more suffering over the world than mighty people with geopolitical aspirations who began to sign up with borders on the map differently.

You now mention just two of the most right-wing extremist groups to talk about “the great Dutch thought”.The VMO and for Post also do not exist anymore I believe.

There are also people, groups that do not entrainment this extreme right thought because of the Gr. Nl. Thought.

What I think is that those 2 (former?) organizations are for the great Dutch thought?

I don’t find that right!

Grtn, Stign


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