What do you think about the article below to contribute to the climate?

I know exactly how much waste I produce and usually limit it to a minimum.A week is that less than 1 garbage bag to waste and I have to pay particular attention to food scraps that force me to empty the garbage weekly because there are different flies in the house.

But good contributions to the climate varies per person.As a Bachelor I sit in a best-sized house that needs to be heated in winter. It would be better for the climate if I would live smaller but then my rent is going up right. (And I miss space I use now.)

In terms of packaging, I also don’t get rid of the plastic.This because I usually skip reasonable stocks so I don’t have to shop too often. Usually only twice a month. And then buy baguettes and Kaiser sandwiches to bake at home. A wheel of cheese on the market that I do for two months can be nice in the cooling compartment. In addition, lots of meat and vegetables in the freezer. But then you want to have everything neatly wrapped up.

In terms of energy, I am experimenting with electronics and solar panels.I am currently making my own solar-powered LED lights. There is one in the window sill of my bedroom that provides light when it gets dark. And that’s tremendously useful! But yes, I have to order subparticles again and they come from China. And soldering, which again demands energy and wastes solder. But it’s about the idea, huh?

I also save mainly on water.Waternet was horrified when I started this because instead of paying up, I suddenly had paid over 100 euros too much and they had to repay me! That was pretty fun! They didn’t believe the new meter mode until I sent a picture of it.

But how do you save water?Simple: less often showering because daily is far too much. Once a week is already sufficient, with a minimum of soap because how dirty will you end up? Using dishes to use a bathtube where water goes in with soap and therefore does not run the crane continuously. You can also clean coffee cups and plates with only hot water and if you don’t use soap you can then use the dishwashing water to water your plants! My dog’s water bowl is also refreshed daily, with the old water going to my plants.

And also put the heater a little lower.I am quite resistant to cold anyway and someone came to my home who liked the best fries. It turned out that the heater was at 18 degrees and I hadn’t even noticed that! But in bed you can take an extra blanket and during the day, if you are not at home, the heating can also be lowered. Well, if you don’t have pets hebt 鈧?娄

Protecting the climate especially requires personal creativity because not all ideas are equally suitable for everyone.Especially for people with a small scholarship this is difficult…

For me there is not much else to say about it than: 鈧?艙useful article, thanks for the delen 鈧?Although I am sure people can give more helpful responses with further tips.

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