What do you remember when you think about your kindergarten?

When I think of my kindergarten, the first thing that comes to mind is my best childhood friend.

We went to kindergarten together, we went to primary school together, then to secondary school and went to High School together.We started playing football together.

It’s crazy how much time I spent with him, how much he influenced my life and today I don’t know if he’s doing well.

Our contact became less and less and for months we haven’t seen or spoken on the phone, nor even written to each other on Whats app.

I used to pick him up and we ran to primary school together.
Then he picked me up by bike to secondary school.

Our parents are friends.

If he hadn’t been, my second name would be my first now.

Two best friends who have the same name?

My parents wanted to spare us that and called me Jan.

They were right in their guessing.We both walked side by side for part of our lives.

A huge part, as I am just realizing.

I am 24 and 6 years ago we graduated together.

So much has happened in the 6 years, that can probably be imagined by anyone who is at least as old as me.

From 18 to 24 – during this time our paths diverged bit by bit.

It’s crazy and I can’t understand why we haven’t even written for months at the moment.

But I can explain it:

We took other directions during our secondary school years.

After school, we enjoyed education in different places for the first time, as we studied different things at different universities.

Then my journey led abroad 2 years ago.
That’s how you lose contact with many.

That is an explanation.

But still it sounds crazy and I just wonder:


Why not revive an old friendship?
Why not just reach for the listener and call?
Why not just copy this Quora answer and send it to my best childhood friend?

And just ask him:

How are you…?

I know we haven’t heard from each other for a long time.

I think it’s crazy and at the same time I’m ashamed that I’m writing to you now.
I don’t even know if you know I’m back in Germany…

You are my oldest friend.
I’ve known you all my life.

And compared to the years we fought side by side, the time when we don’t have much contact is ridiculously short.
Even if it seems to me exactly the other way around.

But that’s life.
Quickly and often not really understand.
So fast that I didn’t write to you all the time, even though I wish I could just write to you.

And now.

Now so much time has passed, it seems strange to me not to dedicate at least a few words to you.
Just writing “Hello, how’s it?” it seems weird to me.Even if probably a quick answer would come, and immediately everything would have been as before.

But now that I’m finally getting rid of a few words, I have to get rid of what I never told you.

Thank you.

Thank you for all the years of friendship and your constant support.

You have always been a very good friend to me.
All the years we’ve had together.
The years in primary school where you helped me through my enormous shyness.
The years at secondary school, where I was the smallest in the class, always knew that I had your support.
I could always rely on you.
You were always honest with me.

Thank you for all the years I have been able to count on you.
And I know I can still count on you.
And you know you can always count on me.

I hope you’re fine!
And I hope that you will feel like going for a drink in the next few days, so that we can finally get up to date.

I think there is a lot to be said about the following adage:

New friends are good, old friends are better.

I love Quora.

Thank you, the questioner for the question and the readers for reading.

The question made me realize that I had been pushing it far too long before I could write to my best childhood friend, my greatest memory of kindergarten.

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