What do you remember from your first JUF/master?

My juf of group 1/2 wore a white hat.Every day.

She was always sick.

“That’S why she always wears a bonnet,”I told my mother.

“Stacey, that’s not a bonnet.The JUF has very short white dyed hair, “replied my mother.

Looking back it was best edgy.

Nine I was.

Only arrived in Belgium from Iran.

My first school day was surprising.

For there I stood, among all unknown faces.With their blond hair and blue eyes they seemed to be angels!

When I pointed my ears, I heard that they were indeed from another world: I did not understand what they all said.

I felt like an alien.

I went neatly in line and there she soon appeared: the Upper Angel.With her blond curls, blue eyes and wide smile she drew my attention.

The upper angel or also Juf Ann was a very sweet and helpful woman.

She often took me apart and taught me my very first words of the angelic language.By her, I no longer felt like an alien with time, but as an angel descended into paradise.

Until today I can’t imagine a better juf for my first school year in Belgium than Juf Ann.

I know the various experiences I have had with my juffs and masters very well, but three are really jumping out of it for me.

Group 3

I was just moving with my whole family to another village, but that also meant that I had to go to a new school.Of course I didn’t like that at all, but it was like it was.

Once I arrived at a new school I was placed next to Sanne.I had learned early on how to count and an account lesson was also an egg. At least… The calculation area.

After the lesson, Juf Anneke Asked if I wanted to stay.She put me down and looked at me urgently. I looked back some glassy and didn’t understand the evil look at all. “Have you watched?” I was dumbly struck and didn’t even know what it was. I kept looking at her glassy and told her I hadn’t looked back after she explained to me what that is. “Sanne has exactly the same answers and calculations.” After a few more remarks I burst into crying. I couldn’t understand why she was doing so against me. After all, I had not done anything and I found the whole concept difficult to understand anyway. Juf Anneke did not do anything. She thought I had to cry because I was caught. I was given a great sermon and punishment. From that moment on I never trust her again.

Group 4

Again… Juf Anneke.Read the classroom comprehension. Reading was not a problem, it was one of my favorite hobbies in my spare time and Juf Anneke knew that. This time, however, it was something else, I couldn’t read a word because all the words and letters jumped. In addition, I saw all “stains” on the book. It was my first experience with migraines. “Lane, would you like to read aloud?” I honestly said, “I can’t do that.” However, I had to read aloud. “The Hay a badger goat for.” Again she became very angry and I even had to be the class. “Do you take me in the grind?” After sitting at a table for a while, one of the left mothers came to save me. She clearly saw that something was wrong and I was allowed to go home straight away.

Group 7

Juf Dede.Gym class. In itself there is really nothing wrong with gymles. Even more gym class is quite fun. Certainly because we went closet-jumping that time. I was very nice when I had no gym clothes with me. A little embarrassed I went to Juf Dede to tell that I had no clothes for exercising. On which she said: “Then you go alone in knickers.” I was shocked. No, I don’t want to wander around at 10/11 years of age, thank you. I kept on saying that I really didn’t like that. However, she found it necessary to drive me more and more in a corner and to force it. I figured out no moment, opened the door of the locker room and ran out. I’ve been hiding somewhere in the sports complex. Crying. She finally found me under a staircase and still spoke on a compelling tone against me. “Don’t touch Me.” I said, but the warning did not meet. Fighting I wouldn’t be able, I was even for me age very very small. So I bitten her full in her arm. Well… She forced me to pull my clothes off.

For the convenience of the first master of elementary school.I still have memories of kindergarten, but that’s another category.

The master of the first grade, which was Master Reyniers.That man was also an artist-sculptor to be precise. He wore glasses, shirts and a fierce beard (probably in my memory a lot of woester than in reality).

That man could tell if the best.I don’t remember his stories, but it was an experience. All the children were seated with an open mouth to listen to his stories.

On the closet behind in the classroom stood a witch doll (or statue).All the children were afraid of it (but of course that didn’t make you notice).

That year we also had a first time traffic education.Funny that that’s stuck:)

Master Reyniers, you had to hang around here, thanks for the great stories!It’s gonna be good.

My first juf was of course my kindergarten teacher.Many things I don’t remember so well (alas, it was also so long ago) but of course I remember some things still fine.

She had very long blond hair and many children thought she was the real Rapunzel, but not in a princess dress (unless we were allowed to be dressed up at school and herself dressed as a princess).Usually she was very nice. When children did something that was not allowed she said to most “I count to 3 and…” But with me it was 5 instead of 3 and at yet another pupil it was 2. I never understood why she did that. Once we were on a school trip to an indoor playground. The playground has a toboggan run and my juf didn’t dare to finish. I did not understand why but then she said she was afraid that she would fall from the small trolley, while there were still nets hung. We have been together from the toboggan run and none of us have fallen from the trolley. She has overcome her “fear” and she has also been with the other children on the job. Furthermore, I still know that we have the same surname.

My first juf was a kindergarten teacher.Thanks to a kindergarten photo I still know she was blond, young and handsome.

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