What do you prefer: ‘ Of all topics a little know, or know everything about a few topics ‘?

Original question: What do you prefer: ‘ Of all topics a little know, or know everything about a few topics ‘?

You are forcing me into a choice that I can make difficult.What I really want is, of course, to know everything about everything, but I have been told that that might be an unfeasible goal.

When I look at myself, I notice that I have a reasonably focused focus area, just a few subjects, but an attempt to develop some depth in it inevitably leads to gaining knowledge in related subjects.

My interest in how I can understand the world around me, from myself to a whole Riedel of related subjects: epistemology, ontology, logic, Mathematics, physics, biology, psychology and strangely enough, even theology.

Some of these related topics in turn also ask for the necessary investment and lead to other topics.

In order to achieve an actual depth in any subject, you are almost forced to enter the width somewhat, if only to understand the context in which your real interest lies.

But, perhaps it is important to realise that it has long been no longer so that we can even talk about ‘knowing something about all subjects‘.Perhaps even that was never possible.The number of subjects on which there is something to know is unimaginable.

Furthermore, even on a single subject, it is often not possible to know everything.There is no physicist or mathematician, who knows everything about their respective subjects. No biologist, no chemist, no medical practitioner.

And then I am not talking about what might ever be known, but only about that which isalready familiar.What we already have to know, how much is still to be discovered, is already unimaginable. Far, far beyond the reach of a single individual to contain.

The reality is, that at its very best, a person can only know a little about a limited number of subjects.What I would rather want does not matter!

HMM, a tricky one.Then I would choose everything a bit, simply because I can analyse it a bit and work from that point onwards. Or that way I do not know because when I know everything about a few subjects I would be specialised at some point and can do something with it for the long term. I am very appreciative of people who perform very specific professions such as a neurologist, hairdresser and everything that focuses on a specific subject and therefore can be of good service to people.

However, I would be too curious about everything and what to experiment with again and again in new areas, so my preference is to be the first.With interesting topics I’ve discovered I’m going to get deeper to work for a longer period. But it must have my heart.

My preference is to know from a few topics everything and from the rest a bit.

In between.I would like to know as much as possible about all the topics that interest me.

I can do it eg. Do not tolerate when I have a question, that. I don’t know the answer.Then GZ I search immediately and along the way I get some other things with it. It is through my relentous curiosity that I have enough knowledge about various subjects to engage in a hesprek about it. And that’s the result of much reading especially.

Well, I’m not an encyclopedia right?So of things that matter to me , to know something about it is important.

And above all: that you have an understanding of the relationship between these things.And that’s nice personalagain.That’s what you can read n茅rgens.
So Jacobs think and develop.For Jo煤.

You can do it on Pr谩ten.Cosy

Of all the topics a little know.Then I can tell you a bit about it and then I stay much more interesting. The conversation fabric will be able to go on endlessly, because you know about everything. If you know everything about a few topics, that may also be interesting, but then you may be able to talk quickly on some subjects. However, I would like to know everything about history. I am right to know if there were really gods on Olympus!

As far as hobbies are concerned: as many I follow a number of subjects and I remain really well aware of this: astronomy, aerospace, basic physics,…