What do you prefer: Android or IOS? And why?

Clearly iOS.Primarily because I only develop for it. But for me, a Google operating system would definitely not be an option. I have nothing to hide, but you have to put a lot on the table for a reasonable smartphone today and then to disclose my life and my data for advertising purposes is for me a clear no-go. It is a phone and it contains all the appointments, soon I will pay with the part maybe even. Do I really want to do this with a cheap China device and with an operating system of a global corporation that earns its money almost exclusively from advertising revenue? Or with a Samsung device that has almost as much costest but the same operating system?

But Now I don’t feel dependent on the smartphone.If there wasn’t an iOS, I probably wouldn’t have one. With iOS, everything comes from one manufacturer and everything is very well matched and plays perfectly with the Mac. Of course, you only have this advantage if you want to get involved in the Apple ecosystem, then many restrictions automatically disappear. It is a great advantage if OS and hardware come from the same manufacturer, only so everything can be really well optimized and relatively safe – no question, the absolute security will never exist. I’ve also had contact with Apple Support before, because after an update the battery suddenly ran out quickly – i was helped very quickly with chat support (reset network settings of the INTERNET provider) and the support was considered by me to be really very pleasantly felt. In this form, I have not experienced this either at Microsoft, nor at Telekom. So overall I’m really very happy.

The bottom line is that everyone should then decide what is most important to them.Personally, I don’t want to be bothered with being able to configure everything somewhere. But I don’t want to have to go through all sorts of configurations to have a minimum level of privacy.

From my perspective as a developer: of course, it’s annoying at first glance to have to follow all sorts of guidelines for the App Store.But when I think carefully, it’s also a thousand times better for me as an app developer if I have such guidelines and if my app is still checked by Apple before it’s released to humanity. Among other things, it is checked whether I only use official interfaces and also used libraries are checked. In the end, I can at least say that my app doesn’t turn into a Trojan horse via a program library from another manufacturer and sends the data of the users of my app somewhere – because that ultimately falls back on me.

My final point is the price.Yes, it’s high. But I don’t need a new smartphone every year. My wife uses my iPhone 6 and is still very happy with it, although even the first battery is still in it – 5 years later and she will also install the upcoming iOS 12 on it. If you convert that to the purchase price, then the Android smartphones can only be worse off. Okay, if you want to have the latest model every year, then you have to sell the old equipment used.

As I said, it all depends on where your own priorities lie.

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