What do you miss from the past?

Read books.

I have read thousands of books, sometimes 2 to 3 per week, until I had a smartphone.Now it’s all short things reading on the phone. I really have to force me to start a book and then it takes weeks for that to be read out.

I miss the Iron curtain.I found the world more exciting and mysterious when there was a hard border between Western and eastern Europe. I leave all the political and humanitarian aspects of this division aside, but I was delighted that there was an incomprehensible, totally different world somewhere in Europe.

The simplicity of cars.

Now I’m still young, and ‘ before ‘ is perhaps a big word, but I can still get a time for the spirit in which the majority of the Netherlands drove in car without built-in touchscreen navigation, without handless doors, and without reversing cameras.So around the 2009 – 2010.

I myself find this:

And this:

A lot better than this:

And this:

Of mine, cars can be a bit simpler, a bit clearer.

I miss the time when I went from the basic school to high school; The time around 2010.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, but everything seemed ‘ easy. ‘ The world was clear for my 12 year old eyes.

When I got home from my six hour long school day, I learned all the topographical names of South America in an hour, and then I was working on one of my many hobbies: painting, drawing, writing, watching movies or playing a simulator (Flight Simulator X For example). If my father then went to cook, and if this was a dish with roots, he usually brought me a bowl of cold carrots; Something I still love very much now. When I heard the door open and my mother came home from her work, we went to eat fast. After dinner I left the dog out, and I talked with friends to go swimming (in summer) or go to the center. At 19:30 I was usually back home. Around 21:00 I thought it had been nice and I went to bed. Tomorrow again a day.

There were no smartphones in the world around me yet, no wireless soundbars, flatscreen televisions and Apple MacBooks.My first smartphone I got on my 13th, and my MacBook I bought four months back recently. If you wanted to install something then it didn’t happen via Airdrop but you burned it on a CDtje. My father and I also rented videos in the video library. Two years later, ‘ ie was gone and a wok restaurant came in place. I also still don’t have Netflix or Spotify. I do watch movies on TV, when I have a sense and time. I take them up and rinse the commercials. Oh, and home delivery was already a completely unknown concept. For everything we went to the center. Nowadays the clothes come from Wehkamp and my father from China ordered the gadgets. The packaging contains stickers from China, Singapore, India and ultimately the Netherlands.

Yes, I miss the simplicity, although I have to say that it is all very easy nowadays.What a time.

Very simple: The Fabeltjeskrant, a children’s programme from my childhood.For children simply funny, but also entertaining for adults who in the dolls and their statements could sometimes recognize politicians or societal situations. If you follow the link, you can see the beginning of the program! The fabeltjeskrant intro [1


[1 the fabeltjeskrant intro

Nothing!!Only the present exists. Early and future are illusions. Because of your limited senses, past and future is made to enjoy, survive, and live in this universe.

The Fabeltjeskrant…

Yes, yes… The fabeltjeskrant;)

Actually a kind of ‘ Fake News avant la lettre ‘ to say it in good European.


In five minutes the whole society was also taken on the heels in a toddler series.I didn’t understand that before, but later when I was older it clearly did.

A genial series that was literally entertaining for young and old.

I think it can play outside quietly.

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