What do you like to watch on YouTube and why?

I still remember how my wife looked at her eyes when she first saw Michael Jackson dancing and singing during a live concert recording that I showed her on YouTube.

She was speechless, because she found him so unmatchless good.

My wife is Chinese, grew up in the years 80 and 90 in China, just say the years of Michael Jackson’s top fame.

In China Everyone knew Michael Jackson, certainly.But he was portrayed primarily by the media as a strange figure, a singular, an outcrop of American pop culture.

The image she had of him was quite one-sided.I was sorry, because I visited several concerts, I considered myself a big fan. I had great respect for his talent.

In this way I got to know my wife a lot of Western music through YouTube, and in turn she showed me what she looked at and listened to in the years 80 and 90.

My wife and I now mainly watch music videos on YouTube, and this has already yielded a lot of beauty.

When we are married in China, my wife has in turn walked into the hall on the music of Madonna, La Isla Bonita.This also saw them on YouTube and she was sold right away.

Yes, and I might even do something too much.It’s where I’m going to hang out if I can’t bring the energy to do something for study or hobbies.

I use it, in addition to music and ‘ n pair of BBC programs, for:

  • Background information on news and geopolitics.

I pay attention to neutrality and sources. E.g. TLDR news for news around Brexit, And caspianreport for geopolitical analysis.

  • Media reviews.
  • I choose the people with whom I taste part, how they underpin their opinion. If it’s not experts in the field of that media I learn little and I don’t look. E.g. Redletter media for movies, And ZeroPunctuation for games.

  • Media analyses.
  • Often in the form of “essays”. That’s how it’s going to be called as content creators want to create a sophisticated point. An essay lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, which is considerably longer than the average review. This is, as it were, the literary/social critical corner of YouTube. Hbomberguy has more or less introduced the format together with Plinkett OF RLM.Lindsay Ellis is also notable.Kasper C. Jansen of the cutting table is a Dutch variant of this concept.

  • Political analyses.
  • This group has a lot of overlap with the media analyses. These are the lefties that explain with “essays” why BV. Fascism or racism is poor. Here you find a lot of information about internet culture, because these people mainly react to the less tolerant corner of the Internet. Contrapoints is a transgender philosophy student who has the trans-experience and related societal phenomena.Shaun analyzes the arguments of the alt-right.Innuendo Studios discusses origin and composition of the alt-right, as well as debate techniques.These topics have become more relevant in the Netherlands in recent times.

    So I never watch T.V. The content I get from YT colours my perception of events in the Netherlands.This makes me ‘ n bit ‘ n outsider perspective. This is sometimes awkward, but sometimes also useful, because Internet culture also blends into other parts of society, such as politics and art.

    Youtube has never been so struck by me.Previously, I used it mainly to convert music to Mp3’tjes. Music that I could not find via the usual channels.

    Today I use it only when I want to know how something works.For example, replace something in your computer, or put something together.

    Oh or to have a look at gameplay when I want to buy a new game.Sometimes you don’t get a good picture from a trailer or from a review, what the genre really is and how it has been implemented. Then I look at Youtube.

    My son is watching a lot of movies on Youtube-especially Minecraft movies.He learns all sorts of new things to make in Minecraft. Very nice.
    If we play with him so occasionally then he always has some news to show.

    On Youtube, I like to see Retro computers, Retro Computerprogram s and Retro technology right now.

    In addition, I like to see cats and females.

    And of course I often listen to pop music, especially from VEVO.

    In particular, I looked at these channels in 2018 often:

    I hope I have answered your question C脙 漏 line D脙 漏 camps (Quora user)!

    I very much look forward to 鈧?艙Everything Wrong With 鈧?娄.. 鈧?p>

    This is a series of films that are fairly wrecked by laying on a lot of snails of salt, they do not only with bad films Mbut also very good films,

    I like this because I went to watch movies in a different way and go see clich茅, know what an Ex machina is and what Chekovs gun content.

    Shiba Inu-Movies.

    More specifically, the Maru de Shiba channel: A fluffy, gentle Japanese four-legged friend with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

    The YouTube channel is full of everyday fragments of Maru with Z N owner.From walking through Tokyo and the daily routine of drinking water to the elderly neighbor, to the 鈧?艙mee janken 鈧?with sirens on the street and free fruit schranzen on the market. He even has z N own souvenir shop in the heart of Tokyo. Yes, really. Smart owner.

    Anyway: I enjoy it intensely, and many family member/friend find it odd.Don’t excites me. E脙 漏 N of things on my bucket list is then also going to Japan to see (among others) Maru and fill m n phone memory with live Foto s and Video s. Until that moment has arrived, I have to do it with social media. Also good.

    See below Foto s and melt.No thanks.

    Besides music I like to look at Geography Now!

    I love to travel and so I come to ideas which countries I could still visit. Incidentally, all the countries of the world come to the turn on (English) alphabetical orders. Currently they have just had Nauru and Nepal is the next in the list. And then it’s the turn of 鈧?艙The Netherlands 鈧?

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