What do you like the most fun aspect of your work?

As some of you already know, I am a bus driver.I drive a city bus in Antwerp: NR 23 from the central Station to the Noorderplaats and back.

When I first started (10 years ago) we had no fixed line.The new drivers drive the “combiné”, you do a different line every day. Is good for the variety, but I now prefer my own line 23.

The nice thing about this line is that it is not such a long line 20 – 25 minutes round, 20 – 25 back and that after a while you know a lot of people from the neighborhoods where you pass and whose people take you bus.

Terwijll the “combiné” is rather impersonal, I made on the 23 from the beginning the habit of saying to everyone (= really everyone) a good morning-afternoon-evening.Those people weren’t that first at all. In the beginning I had a nod or a day back here and there, but there were few.

Especially the school-going children and the marrocan women reacted very timid, and I understand that.A wild Stranger (ethnic Belgian) man who appeals to them that they weren’t just.

But now, 4 – 5 years later… I have a very friendly relationship with most people.I have a very number of high aged girlfriends, most Moroccan women smile back and say good day. On hot days There is also already 1 of those women who offer me, right from the market, a bunch of grapes or something. My elderly girlfriends are more biscuits and candy geefsters, also many maroccican and Belgian men growl (or even friendlier) something back.

The Belgian, Eastern European and North African youngsters and twenties are friendlier than they used to be and the school-going children always want to stand with me, for example because I have-according to their-special music standing up that they absolutely want to hear ( Techno and drum’n bass).

Many of the youngsters also have the knowledge to be friendly and sometimes have a chat: If the driver knows you it can already be that I have 200 meters for the actual stop 3 running guys already on the bus instead that they have the last 200 meters still out m Must presses to get that fxcking bus.

I could continue, but in the meantime you will know why I like to do it: I drive through the supposedly difficult districts of Antwerp (Borgerhout, the 2060 and den Dam).No acidified people, but mostly friendlies and politeness about religion and ethnic.

I really like to work with it to get the atmosphere between the groups.

Grtn, Stign

Human Resource is the department that is dealing with the entire organization.I have very varied function from payroll to sick leave management. Sometimes I do gross net calculation manually then I immediately write policy pieces that I have to test whether they are legally correct. And I have to switch all the time between three languages. So I never verlot me. + Bonus: When I say that I work at the cannabis bank, there are many people going to laugh and joke about it.

Offer solutions and catch money for them.

In Small steps together with the staff work on improvements In their work where I still have to say that the improvements do not have to be perfect, only better than before and that the new procedure may be improved again tomorrow Be.

Search for conflicting goals and dispel these contradictions.

Giving employees confidence by never talking to them personally, but always investigating why the current procedure has led to this situation, and we are again investigating how we can improve the procedure.With improve I don’t mean “tighter” but really look where the cause lies and that adjust.

Employees first work well and give clarity about the goals before they get the responsibility.

By my own behaviour are the example of what is and is not accepted.

Walk around the shop floor and speak with the staff and praise them for their commitment.

Automate my own work as much as possible.

I’m at home with my daughter at the moment.So I have no employer.

I do make things.Oil paintings and clothing. The best thing about this is the end result. When I look at it and I know I’ve created something beautiful.

I’m still a student, but I can tell you what I love about my future work:). I am studying software engineering and I am currently in my third year (almost graduating so:)).What I find so great about my future job is that it contains a lot of creativity. It is a perfect blend of creativity and logic.

Not only this, but also the fact that I can really have an impact on a whole bunch of people just as I can have a lot of impact on man and society by answering questions on Quora.

For all people who do not like their profession, you really wonder, from today, what you really like.What makes your day fulfilled? Based on your answers you can find out what a reason that you like your work or find something else very nice and need to focus on it. You’re never too late to learn!

The interfaces between chemistry, Excel and biology.I work in the regulatory affairs department and have a lot to do with it. Thus, I work a lot with QSARs, which are computer models for estimating physical/chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological (which are the toxicological properties vis-a-vis the environment) properties of our products. For instance, animal experiments can often be avoided. In doing so, I need to make an in-depth analysis of which substances can be formed during the reactions. Then I have to describe all those molecules in a language that those models understand. Also use Excel. And at the end I have an avalanche of results of which I have to estimate the reliability and relevance. Of course I use a lot of Excel again.

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