What do you know about the Georgia Guidestones?

Reminds me of my history teacher who asked ‘ What I could tell about some Roman general ‘.

I said ‘ nothing ‘ and it was wrong.| Hmmpff… It is not my fault, that my history teacher could not ask any clear questions…

Answer your question… Until now nothing more than Google could tell me.

The Guidestones are a number of granite stones that have a number of messages in various modern languages as well as in some dead languages.

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The stones were placed somewhere in the years ‘ 80.

But further, there are only speculations about why and by whom they are placed. The messages would be placed there for the survivors of the apocalypse. There are messages like: Make sure that the world population does not rise above 500 million people. Ensure fair laws and legal speech etc.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about it.The client would like to establish a new world order, as previously written: it should serve for survivors of the apocalypse.

Not only because of the many questions and the nature of the construction, the monument is also called Stonehenge of America, but also because it is like Stonehenge a trekpthrush for new agers from admiration, but also for Christians who encounter their dislike Pronounce.

I have ever seen a documentary about it and in it you saw the same scenes that you also find at Stonehenge during the solstice: many hippies and colourfully dressed dancing people.

In my opinion, the Georgia Guidestones are clearly a modern form of Stonehenge put away by a group of people with clear secondary motives.

As you know there are 10 guidelines on some meaningful some in my opinion less meaningful.It also forms a calendar.

That these people have made so much effort to get themselves out of the history booklets could indicate indeed a secret society or some other origin but that is more going on here is clear this is not just a joke the people have said that they have been working on it for 20 to 30 years which may also be at least 8 languages whose four elderly people position figuring out the place all pretty hard to do I wouldn’t just laugh with it I would take it very seriously and the only thing I actually Rather restless is the fact that one has so the edge on genetically perfecting the species because that excludes unique people and yes genetic perfection seems like it is also but genetic imperfection often seems to lead to larger breakthroughs than genetic Perfection and that is something my apparently looked at over how for the rest it is clear and guide to the great loss of knowledge that we are going to lead if, among other things, there is an incident like turning the poles and then I have the NI Et about the people but the magnetic fields because let’s be sure who has just as many books as I do in most people do it all through their phone calls and the Internet so all that knowledge is lost and most people are completely specialize and have no broader knowledge more there are few people who can tell you of a Higgs boson and of what the right months and days are to sow and harvest.So there will have to be rebuilt again. In the case of such a thing, I do not yet have the consequences of what happens when a ring of the magnetic field is made and one does not have enough reception capacity. I mean we all know what happens when a nuclear power plant is without power. That’s called Fukushima

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