What do you know about Scientology? And what do you think about their church?

A colleague of mine has conducted lengthy journalism research into that organisation.She is constantly intimidated, especially through the legal route. At Scientology I think of psychotherapy elevated to a fiscally facilitated religion. The organization is hierarchical and capitalistic, everything costs a lot of money.

The religion was coined by a writer of science fiction novels and that is of course a great backdrop for a founder of a new belief.Instead of Bronze Age mythology, you can think of space age mythology.

At the time I did read and experience a lot with Scientology/Narconon.1983/84

At the basis a simple psychology lies.During sessions with a lie detector you could get rid of your frustrations. You are then ‘ clear ‘, clear, without the frustrations of the past. Dianetics named Ron Hubbard this therapy. At the end of the Fifties this turned out quite a bit and he is going out commercially. In order not to pay taxes, he has shaped his company as a church society.

If you look a bit around you you will find that many people are willing to believe the greatest nonsense.Flying saucers, homeopathy, readings. So there are also people who believe Ron Hubbard’s chats.

Volunteers keep sessions and depending on the capacity you have to pay for a session.With questions you have to tell about your frustrations until the pointer no longer strikes off, then the frustration is gone and you can go to a next one. The intention is that you are clear in twenty sessions, but then the revenues fall away, so there is a whole system of grades and degrees entered, so that you can continue indefinitely. The followers are really in good faith. Just like the apostles of capitalism who are lazerus working to enrich their bosses.

The clear also extends over past lifetimes, so you are going to depict other lifetimes, which also need to be freed from their frustrations.For instance, Ron Hubbard also created a spiritual world, with beings from other planets, and then, by water and fire, you have to develop your own Thetan.

It is amusing in this context to know that in previous years Ron Hubbard has also been using Aleister Crowley.’ Thetan ‘ is the same as the English ‘ Satan ‘.

Ron Hubbard started living in a boat at sea, with his closest followers.The Sea Org. He also had addiction problems, with drinks and pills and Narconon has emerged from that. Quite interesting ideas. Especially to swallow a lot of vitamins during the kick-off and sweating in the sauna.

If you read the book about Dianetics, it is mainly about frustrations and trauma at a very young age, say rapes for the first year of life, which most people would happen to be.Is also called weird.

The headquarters in Europe was in Copenhagen.Amsterdam was in the Old Telegraph building. One tried to find new victims with a free personality test. It was mainly about easily manipulating people, because they came to float on their own.

I have also been sitting there once with two of those bells in my hands.Was laughing though. By concentrating well you can turn the hand off or not.

Just like any other sect (for example, Hara Krisha, or in Christianity or Islam), it also has all the characteristics of a sect.

Later I thought that the therapy is a kind of self-hypnosis, in which you come to live in a delusion.The therapy is rather a muting of your reaction than freeing you from a frustration. A delusional reality occurs with every sect.

Study material is all in stock within Scientology, one tries to alienate you from outsiders.In protecting your own secrets, everything is allowed. One then made (against inquisitive outsiders) except for harassment also use of legal procedures, in which the lie does not have to be shaken. Everything for charity of course.

Several well-known American actors are members of Scientology.How is it possible that they are not good at their head, I think then. Michael Jackson was also a member of Scientology. He has also been married to Elvis ‘ daughter.

Some of the higher-ranking Scientology members have also begun to themselves.Various psychological therapies (such as neuro Linguistic programming) are more or less based on Scientology. These are therapies where you can follow a training for an official certificate. Everything with next steps and for a fee.

Others have also taken over this business model.Trump University is a good example.

Weird but true.My own time at Scientology/Narconon didn’t cost me anything. I stepped into a strange spiritual world and wanted to have me, which made me feel extra suspicious. And then also my own craze, and confrontations with Scientology and with fellow drug users. There is also a reality in spirituality, such as that man who sang at the station in Hilversum the Ave Maria with a high head voice, a few days before the death of my mother. Her favourite song. Scientology is also located in a spiritual world with a weird mixture of Lie and truth. Also a characteristic of each sect. As a result, I learned a lot. But only a lot later I could apply it, so it feels back to then as lacking.

Best book about Ron Hubbard is ‘ A piece of Blue Sky ‘ PDF: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/A%2520Piece%2520of%2520Blue%2520Sky.pdF

Pretty much.It is a cult that is considered dangerous in many countries. It is based on the books of an American third-grade Science Fiction author from the years 50 (R.H. Hubbard) and that they demand a lot of money for really idiotic things like a test with a toy “lie detector”.

What I think about it?In a word: scam.


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