What do you get to your partner?

My wife and I have been together for 16 years.

We have no secrets for each other.

At least

I have no secrets for my wife.

Nor can it.

She has the gift of looking straight through me.

A Leugentje to Bestwil?


“Hee sweesome, those bright red shoes under those khaki jeans.Great combination. I say: just do it! “

This kind of thing, for example, is no chance for my wife,

She immediately looks through.

This Sixth Sense,

That is what I am getting worse.

And there I-at home-do not have.

Annoy there I do not.That is a step too far for me and would mean to me that I did not call the bell at an earlier stage (and so did not communicate < blame on me). Annoyances are often things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the other but more with your own state of mind (and sometimes also shortcomings.)

If I feel something like annoyance, I’ll go to myself first:

Is This behavior that I am interfering with new or old?

New: Is it really that bad?(Are people dying?!)
Always no, with the site note if it becomes a trend, same trajectory as old.

Old: If I did not bother yesterday why today?

Does it have anything to do with how I feel?
Yes > do something about that.
No > enter into the conversation in a normal way and let you know what effect it has on me, the other may not be aware and can stop there.
When well aware, it is possible something that is useful for that person-understanding also ensures that the malfunction disappears.

Ergeren 鈧?娄…. Within a relationship there are always dots that you just have to take for granted.Think of loud chewing (with closed mouth still), think of snoring,…

If I really have to choose one thing it’s bad communication.Assumptions, half sentences, to twist the pot… but I can annoy myself at more people there. Just say what it stands for.

That always when we have quarrel, he manages to make me laugh.

Even though I’m woest.After some attempts I do not like it anymore and I burst into laughter. In the beginning I turn my face away, I walk away to not let it notice that I have to laugh.

Really, what awful if he does this.

But maybe also a good sign.If ever the day comes that we have quarrel and he does not let me laugh, we both know that it is quite wrong.

What bothers me at the moment is:

-He never answers messages on WhatsApp and doesn’t seem to spend a few days without talking to me.

-He is too busy to have time for me.

-He doesn’t seem to want me as much as I want him to.

It is still the initial stage between us, so I give it some time and patience, we have to compromise on how we are, but it starts to burden me a bit.

For the rest, I am very much aware that there is no perfect partner or relationship, and I have never been as happy as when I am with him.I have no specific requirements, as long as I know we feel the same thing about each other.

That I am the only ones to clean up those sucks empty toilet rolls.After all those year 鈧?娄. I still throw them in the sink. And the Trash is under it.

Love is to see the mistakes rather than the gifts because the gifts you see anyway.

I don’t want to annoy me to my partner.

I don’t want to list annonis 鈧?娄.

A list of points that surprised me that nevertheless everything, yes, nevertheless all, I am happy to see my partner.

That list is short….Usually contains only 1 point and changes everytime I have that feeling of 鈧?艙ja 鈧?

What is though is that I am getting worse to myself when that list is not soon enough to be ge1/4pdatet by myself.

I do spend enough attention and energy on my relationship and I see enough what trouble for me, yes, is done especially for me.

I find very annoying that he thinks always to be right.Usually you can not bring anything but if he notices that I am right, he says nothing. He will not admit that he is also sitting next to it.

Furthermore, he leaves traces everywhere in the house.Very annoying.

I am now 17, almost 18, and have now 3 months a relationship.My girlfriend lives 2 minutes away from my house and we see each other almost every evening. We talk together, watch movies or series and every time we do that I massage her feet. It is true that every time we are together they are almost right asking for one of my foot massages. I myself find it hard to say no to my girlfriend, I did it once and Zach then those puppy eyes of her and said right yes. I haven’t talked about it with her yet, but every time I see her I massage her feet. Last we were alone at home and we had the goal of doing some nice things, for those things they did placed her feet already in my hands and I started massaging. She fell asleep and I was too afraid she didn’t sleep 100% so I still went 45 minutes.

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