What do you do when your children want, but your partner doesn’t want children?

Difficult.I know a lot of examples when it has not gone well, but also when it has gone reasonably well.

  1. When I got married on my 28th, I knew for a long time that I was limited fruitfully.

I had heavy form of PCOS and despite the fact that I have never used contraceptives in my previous relationship, I never got pregnant. I was not convinced childfree or so, but I have resigned myself. If it fails, so be it. My ex-husband wanted children per se. For him, marriage without children was incomplete. Partly because of him I have accepted IVF trajectory. It was heavy and gruesome, but he was my support and commitment. He assisted me in my whole pregnancy and childbirth. When the little one was born, it became clear after a few years that fatherhood was not his thing. He did some simple acts with love, but to the extent that the child grew older, only diapers were changing and food did not give enough. Giving attention or doing things together he couldn’t. 9 years later it is a very absent and distant father. He sincerely loves his son, but he does not interfere with education. He takes him neatly on Friday night and brings him back Saturday night. When I ask my son what he had done with his father, he says “Daddy had to work, I played with the tablet”. The reels are reversed. I am the parent who, despite the child’s desire, has still taken up parenting. I don’t know good or bad, my child will undoubtedly have something later to tell his shrink, but so far he is very happy with me as his mother.

  • I had a colleague who was in the forty, married and childless.
  • When I came to work there, she asked if I had kids, I said no. She asked if that was conscious choice or? In fact, I was already in fertility treatment, but I would rather not have talked about it. I said such a thing of time sat, I’m still young. Not even now. If it never comes, I find it fine too. She continued to appoint the all disadvantages of motherhood. From hanging tillers to childish child care. She therefore sounded voluntarily childless. Four years later I was pregnant and she lay in the fight separation. She really resented her ex because she had no children.

  • I also knew a practicing Muslim in the forty who had three teenage daughters and found her family complete.
  • When her husband married with the second wife because he had to have a son (in his own words) she was very much struck. Her husband behaved like a motherfucker. He announced, for example, that he was treating his two wives equally. Woman Number 1 got an X-amount for groceries and wife number 2 got the same amount for groceries. While woman number 1 for 4 鈧?”5 people had to cook and not for 1 鈧? 2. He went on holiday with his second wife, because his first wife has already been free: she had to care for her sick mother. He also divided his time between his two wives: female number one worked for him in his dentist practice and in woman number two he went to sleep. Anyway, woman number 1 did super her best to get pregnant and voil脿, she got a little son. On its 43th, after 3 daughters. Woman number two was at once with her pregnant, but it has not gone well and the baby has not survived. That second woman can also no longer get children. The man gives all his time and attention to his second wife. Because he just finds her more fun than the first. That son does not make him out.

    Conclusion?No. You never know how it’s going to run.

    If you are a woman you win.

    If you are a man you lose.

    The old recipe: curtains close, bottle of wine open and talk.Explain. Let the other explain. Listen. And know that it is not solved in one evening. Week later: Curtains closed, bottle of wine open-take turns from what the other words mean to you. EVT Week later: Curtains close…..

    You sew it on.Unfortunately, that is the consequence that he stands for a fait accompli and he can change something about it; You don’t.

    When you are a man you have two possibilities:

    1. You accept the choice of your partner and will continue childless through life or
    2. You are looking for another partner with which you can build up a family.

    As a woman, you can still choose the method “You forget the pill, and become just a little pregnant”.

    This last method is not exactly the most beautiful, but unfortunately it is regularly applied.It provides an enlarged chance of divorce.

    When you are a woman you have two possibilities:

    1. You accept the choice of your partner and will continue childless through life or
    2. You are looking for another partner with which you can build up a family.

    As a man, you still have the opportunity to find a woman who wants a child, but not a partner.

    Go with your partner to visit a couple that has the sweetest children of the world.

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