What do you do when someone gives you a compliment? Can you accept it? If not, why do you think it is?

I have great difficulty accepting compliments.And that is entirely up to myself.

I have to consciously force myself — and make an effort — to say thank you.That has deeper causes. If I were to go into this, we would still be here, so let me suffice to say that I have a not very realistic self-image.

And even that writing down is (although I am reasonably aware of it) not very for-the-hand-lying.

I accept it by saying a thank you.If you can’t accept it, the cause is somewhere within yourself. The underlying reason can go deep. But if you know yourself and you have peace with it, you can accept compliments.

I thank you very kindly, I wonder if it was correct or that there might be more people who participated in the final result that I was congratulated on, and if so I play it again.

Sometimes I ask by, I want to know what exactly is behind or what the person well convinced OID.Compliments I have always found very interesting, someone does not have to go out of his way to say a positive thing about the one or the other that you have done.

I always try to be positive and give people compliments, I think we miss that nowadays too much, a little positive influence on everyday life.

I have no problem with it, no matter what the intent is. In a fraction I dissected what happens to me and I try to put it.Eventually I will not die of it.
Sometimes I reply with “Maitre Corbeau sur un arbre perché”, when I get the impression that someone would like to get something done by flattery.
Sometimes it is innocent flirt behavior.
Sometimes it’s just for something that I’ve done well.Even though I found that I just did the job for which I was paid.
But I have so something of “if the person who gives me a compliment is feeling comfortable there, who am I to this person that the Misgunnen?”.
It’s pleasant, but I don’t find anything behind it.
But that is mainly because I have decided since last year that I do not want to keep the compliments I want to give others.They need to be context-positioned. “It was fun talking to you”, for example, is such a compliment. Or sometimes it happens that I make compliments about the hairstyle of a lady I know. Then it turns out that I was the only man who noticed it:-). But they all have one thing in common, they are shunning!

Congratulations I always accept.Feel embarrassed for a compliment? I do not know that. Sometimes it does not really matter, but it is never uncomfortable, and certainly never unpleasant. I embrace all the compliments and enjoy them. (:

If you can’t think of anything behind it.You are unsure whether you want to give it. In that respect, we could have better have more ‘ yes ‘ thinkers. Also women. I can accept it though, if there are no mixed signals.

Usually I am amazed, surprised and then on my guard.If something is too good to be true it is usually not true. I play the game for a while but my brain is running at full speed.

Is in what situation.. Compliment about food good disadvantage I only get compliments about food then it becomes the single room and the compliment does not excite me anymore..

Compliment on looks.. I personally find Mjah. Difficult to deal with.. Personally, you often say thank you and I slap close but that is personal different… I got a few weeks ago well compliment about me Pop art sleeve… And that’s different because I’m very proud of it… Think for many people who do have self-esteem compliments are different than people without.

It is sometimes really hard to accept a compliment.Then I feel embarrassed.

Probably the background is my religious upbringing.Then you learn that man falls short and only God is perfect.

Other times, especially of acquaintances, it is a feast to get compliments and accept.Learn it better though.

If a stranger gives a compliment, it feels like an unwanted intimacy.”What does it mean to you that… I like to dress, look nice… “,” How do you know… That I do this or that well. ” Even more aggressive is a compliment to your musical tastes. Just as if someone wants to be completely in your life.

The compliment feels embarrassing, because you can’t actually react aggressively.”What do you like about it” “Yes of course, because I’m not such a dumb as you”, you can really only say it to a good knowledge. “What do you have a nice sweater on.” “Oh, you go cats!”

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