What do you do to improve the lives of the people around you?

As a company director I do the following:

  • I am open and honest.
  • I share the financial results with all employees.
  • I am open about the mistakes I make myself.
  • I am regular, but not often enough, on the shop floor to speak to the staff.
  • In the cases of problems or mistakes I do not search for a guilty, but together with the employees I investigate how the problem arose and what we can do (workflow, procedures, etc.) in order to prevent it in the future.

The improvements made by the staff are there to help and protect them.

  • I am clear in behavioural problems.
  • I also indicate what I want to see. Immediately after that I investigate which caused this behavior. Almost always there is something behind it like problems at home, disappointment because a colleague has not done something (or right). This is then again in the procedural plane, where we can often get a lot of annoyance by adjusting the processes.

  • I look myself and ask the staff if they can invent things to make the work simpler, easier and quicker.
  • This is a difficult point. The Employees trust us to a large extent (no redundancies because something goes much faster at once), but if the work goes faster, they have less overtime and they desperately need that money. The goal is to lighten the work and get those stupid overtime away (with a higher salary) so that they have time to live.

  • I am open to conversations and employees make use of this, I understand more of their world and I can better respond to them.
  • With the previous owner everyone walked around him with a big bow.

  • My business partner helps those employees who unfortunately have debts to work this way (company guarantee, lower usurious interest, possibly personal bankruptcy, etc.) so that the wage herd can be reduced or even lifted.
  • Wage increase makes no sense because everything above the subsistence threshold is immediately skimmed. Smart adjustments that ensure a higher net salary are much more effective.

  • We have adjusted the contracts so that wage garnishment is no longer possible. This is to protect the employees.
  • We are busy speeded up the pension of the employees to the very low net contributions of the employees themselves.
  • As I said, I find it no problem when employees ask me for help.
  • I help them and ask them to describe the solution. So they can always look at it and training new employees is much easier.

  • An additional advantage is that I get along with what problems there are.
  • Employees no longer wipe the problems and mistakes under the carpet. The more problems I get to see, the more we can improve things. In Many companies the reverse is the case. It seems to go smoothly, but that’s because no one dares to admit that they have problems. No one sees them and only a lot later they come above water, but then no one knows how and where they originated. And when you investigate in such a case, “No one knows anything” for fear of being ridiculed.

  • There are many more things that I unconsciously do to help people in my immediate environment, but these are some important things.
  • It is not my job to improve the lives of others.They have to do that themselves. It is my job to be decent and honest with people. And that’s what I’m trying.

    Where I exercise my profession, I have explicit permission from the other to improve the quality of life.That is what we are putting together, but it remains the responsibility of the other.

    I give people around me attention.By a comment or kidding. This creates a moment of (eye) contact. That is appreciated. Noticeable by a smile and/or a counter remark.

    That happens in the queue at one or another checkout, at a street maker, or a casual passer-by, etc.Several times a day. This is how I sprinkle light dots around.

    Incidentally, I don’t do that ‘ ‘ Express ‘ ‘.I just can’t leave it. And I do not necessarily have to improve the life of the other. It makes my own life valuable. Selfishness, so. That it improves the life of another is a valued ancillary product.

    To pass on the correct messages,

    Where they can live life better.

    By listening and not just talking about my bullsjit, or helping even though it is not being asked for.This only in people I think they use that!

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