What do you do on holiday?

When I studied in Germany, my friends and I went on many vacations.Every weekend we went to other countries – Croatia, Poland, Spain, Slovakia – we honestly tried to visit every country in Europe.

We were students and didn’t have much money for attractions, so we invented a few games.We can play these games without spending money while still seeing the attractions.

Our first game was often played in the city centre or in the old town.We would sit in a café and try to discover the funniest tourist. This game was a lot of fun, especially when large tourist groups from China or the United States passed by. We had nothing against Americans or Chinese, of course, but they were often the funniest or the loudest tourists in an area.

Our second game was my favorite.The game was simple and left us many beautiful memories. In this game we walked through the city and copied statues.

Yes, a bunch of twenty-year-olds copying statues.

We were definitely the funniest tourists! Even funnier than Americans or Chinese!

We would run through the city and try to discover the funniest or the most interesting statues.After that, we would argue for the poses. I often had the funniest or the weirdest poses because I was the smallest person in the group.

If you don’t have money but are on holiday, you get creative as you enjoy your holiday.

Of course, there are many free ways to enjoy a holiday, but we wanted something that would give us a lot of funny stories in the future.

The game was especially fun when we were in Ljubljana, where there were many funny and interesting statues to imitate.Our favourite stake was the dragon statues on the Dragon Bridge. We had taken many photos with many poses, although it is located on a busy road. We certainly made a lot of people laugh that day – both locals and tourists!

There is also a statue that I liked very much but my friends didn’t find it so special.

The statue reminded me of Michelangelo’s David, so I wanted to imitate it.

Bratislava was also great for our game.

In the city center there were many statues in funny poses and places. We spent a whole day walking through the city centre, making funny poses in random places and “harassing” the statues.

Honestly, I don’t remember what we did in Bratislava.I know we ate in a stone cellar pub, but otherwise I can’t remember anything.

However, I still remember the statues we copied and how much fun we had that day.

And when I’m old and grey, I’ll definitely remember it.

You see, it’s not about seeing all the attractions and attractions that make travel special and rewarding.

Definitely not! It’s about the people you travel with, the laughter you’re sharing with them, and the memories you share.

My German is still bad (A2/B1 CEFR) so I’m really sorry for the many mistakes!Thank you to Sven Perlberg for the corrections 🙂

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