What do you do at home against food waste? How many food do you throw away per week?

I throw away as good as no food per week (by that I mean that it is so lost that it can only be in the trash).If I’m sitting at 100 gr a year, it will be a lot. But it has taken years of experience to get to that situation. It starts with discovering your own needs. What do you eat per day? Then you buy in according to your consumption. If you see 250 gr on a packet of meat, go for 230 gr. do not buy food that spoil quickly to consume them only when they become inedible. Proper planning is indispensable. See what you can do with the leftovers (I’m not a Dutchman). Freeze it too much so that you can eat it when you have a sense or time to cook.
Don’t get the wise by the expiry days on the packaging.In general, there is “at least shelf-life”. Most food is totally edible until well over that time. Subject, if in doubt, smell. You will notice immediately when something is corrupted. But for example, I have pasta that has been on date for over 10 years and is still completely edible. Food in preserves are almost indefinitely sustainable. They once found the Napoleonic army and proved that they were still edible, however the preservation methods were not yet on point.
And when you invite friends, don’t be overwhelmed by fear of going away.You don’t have to provide extra for fear that someone is on his hunger. When you have a BBQ, work on order, ask your guests what they wish to eat. Just bake what word is asked. The surplus enters the freezer. And above all, you will loose those appetizers (chips, drink nuts,…), which can make sure you are in surplus.
But I think that especially consciousness is important. Know what you’re working on.Actually less difficult than you think. And in the worst case, I still have my cat thankful to eat an overshot.

‘, ‘ I, none.Have had a real hunger as a child, have been very poor, so I know what food is, if you don’t have it. We always buy about enough, and bread that is over is called up in a different day.

“,” Mr. Van Acker did give a very nice answer, but that is almost not done for many.This requires a certain lifestyle that unfortunately almost no longer exists.

A admittedly not so effective, but rather simpler (and somewhat effective) is not too small cooking.Everything on the boil seems very difficult to me. Something more and you obviously keep a little about it. However, in some dishes it is very easy to consciously make much too much and freeze this surplus. Do you have a lot about and once few eaters, you have a meal in the freezer. You have too little about for the number of eaters you have, no need. You’ve already made too much more often, so you get 2 meals out of the freezer. Leftovers Day.

The best is always to buy wisely, but should this not succeed, the fridge is your friend.Many kinds of meat which is over, can be somewhere in the few days afterwards, just at your sandwiches though. Tasty even.

You can also use leftovers the next day for another dish.Boiled green beans, carrots or I know what, you can later stir fry with other stir-fry vegetables and is still delicious with a little soy sauce. Pulled meat can make you beef stew etc. Etc.

So there are all ways to counteract throwing away food.But fact glad…. it starts while shopping.

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