What do vegan activists do when they protest at slaughterhouses?

Although I sympathize with them, since I find the industrial animal breeding a huge stain, I think that these kind of protests have very little meaning.Eventually they never change anything.

The promotion of vegetarianism and veganism already makes a little more sense, even if you only convince a relatively small group.It’s a bit ‘ preaching to the choir ‘, as it is said in English.

The only thing that will really mean a breakthrough is the so-called cultured meat (and other ‘ fake meats ‘ to a lesser extent), especially if this becomes cheaper that conventionally produced meat.

This also means that the overwhelming mass for whom the animal suffering caused by industrial meat production is insufficient reason to do something about it, also on the cart.Even if animal suffering does not care for them, the lower price will convince them.

That’s a tough one I would have said too little but since the government is working on one in 1984, the book, appropriate campaign on the less eating of meat I say too much I get it there circumstances are inhumane, on animal, but the fact that Meat and soon also fish is reserved to the wealthy Elite is something for me not to Deshmukh by the down throats is just like that for this campaign which, in fact, started in January meat not to Deshmukh me by the down throats was from moral point of view I had never GEDAC HT I change here so there are still meats that I don’t eat because treating those animals goes beyond all the limits if I can afford it I choose to eat animals which I know how they lived but also this is for the Elite and As I have said before on your English version and Facebook as long as Willem-Alexander does not let his meatball stand, I don’t do it either

Protest against slaughterhouses.That’s the only thing you can say about it. You have different groups and currents, and each group has its own way.

I personally agree with The actions of The Save Movement.These are peaceful, legal actions, if possible in consultation with the slaughterhouse itself.
We ask (Note: ask, so do not force!) to stop the trucks here, so that we can bring the animals a last greeting.We give them some attention and some water. You find that many animals like it (not all of them, of course), they love to pet themselves.
In addition, many people live on social media at the moment we are in contact with the animals, so that the animals that are eaten and used for the non-vegans get a face.I am not very good at this, but there are activists who in this way get a lot of people to think about and the conversation can go on.
For the animals that are at the slaughterhouse at the time, it is too late and for their brothers and sisters who are still with the farmer, but according to figures from the CBS, Veganism has grown 19% in the Netherlands over the past year, from 100,000 to 119,000.Of course, a part of the meat from the Netherlands is also for export, but in many other countries veganism is emerging. This means significantly fewer pigs bred and slaughtered.

From what I see or hear on the news in Belgium, the actions always start with a hidden camera.So someone is always going undercover until there is sufficient burden of proof.

When the images are known, a protest action is quickly followed before the company is eventually (temporarily) sealed.Usually one tries to get inside the company to protest. As this never fails, activists can try to obstruct trucks arriving or departing.

Feel very bad, but for the good thing they immerse themselves in the horror.

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