Now you may also see stickers like this one with numbers on them. So what do these mean? Generally these are used by runners and can indicate a distance run e.g. B. 26.2 for a marathon or 13.1 for a half marathon. You may also see higher numbers for those who have completed a triathlon or other sporting event.

In that context, what are those white oval stickers on cars with numbers?

They’re – Country Stickers. They are compulsory (or at least used to be) for travel by car outside your home country in Europe. So most European cars have them. You indicate which country your car is from.

Additionally, what does the 0.0 bumper sticker mean?

So the 0.0 bumper stickers are non-runners making fun of people who actually stick their ass out of their car seats long enough to do a reasonably long race. It seems that bumper stickers commemorating the completion of specific race distances in miles are special: Half Marathon – 13.1. Full marathon – February 26th.

Also to know what the bumper stickers with letters mean?

Oval stickers. One of the most popular bumper sticker designs right now is the simple oval. Sometimes referred to as “international” or “eurostyle,” these stickers usually feature two to four capital letters denoting a country, city, race distance, or something else.

What does the CBC mean sticker?

3 points · 1 year ago. All I’ve found is the Canadian Broadcasting Company, which I highly doubt based on the sheer volume of decals I’m seeing on cars here, mind you in South Texas. It also means Complete Blood Count, but I can’t imagine anyone putting that on their car either.

What do bumper stickers 13.1 and 26.2 mean?

Originally answered: What do the 13.1 stickers mean? 13.1 miles is the distance of a half marathon, so they ran one. Or they just bought the sticker to look cool. 26.2 is a marathoner, 70. something is half iron man, and I think 140.3 is iron man.

What are the little circles on car bumpers?

Sounds like those 4 round dots on the back are the sensors that tell you how close you are to an obstacle in the back.

What does a 13.1 bumper sticker mean?

A marathon is 26 .2 miles long. A half marathon is 13.1 miles long. So if you see a 13.1 bumper sticker, it means the owner ran a half marathon.

What does the GF sticker mean?

Actually, it means “God first ‘ and is usually from people who attend Canyon Ridge Church.

What does the Exit 32 bumper sticker mean?

More than just a street sign, Exit 32 is a symbol of the laid-back lifestyle in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Pollner said the Lincoln area stands out as a melting pot nestled in the White Mountains, making it a unique adventure destination in New England.

What is a GB sticker?

The sticker , a white oval with the letters GB standing for Great Britain, must be placed on the rear of the vehicle.

What does the PF bumper sticker mean?

It stands for Pflugerville ! !! As in city of. Like between a “rock” and a “weird place”. We got one last year when we bought our house in Pflugerville. I want these two stickers too.

What does 0.0 mean?

The meaning of 0.0. 0.0 means “Surprise “. So now you know – 0.0 means “surprise” – don’t thank us.

What do the letters on license plates mean?

What do the letters on a license plate mean? The first letter represents the area, for example E represents Essex while L represents London. The second letter of the plate then indicates which DVLA office in that area the registration took place with – multiple letters can denote the same DVLA office.

What does a pineapple sticker on a car mean?

It means there’s a swingers party.

What does the whale bumper sticker mean?

Commonly found on the back of lifted Jeep Wranglers and Often accompanied by other stickers, including OBX and a 4×4 off-road beach permit, these whale stickers are considered a status symbol for all sophomores who enjoy the finer things in life like Natty Light beer and Yeti coolers.

What does f3 sticker mean?

F3: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith.

What does a 26.2 sticker mean?

These are oval stickers that show the longest distance the runner has run. You may see a 5K (3.1 mile), 10K (6.2 mile) run, or 13.1 mile (half marathon) run. A 26.2 sticker represents a full marathon. If you see a 140.6 sticker, it means that an occupant in the vehicle has completed an Ironman triathlon.

What does 45.2 mean?

Section 45.2. Disqualification due to personal or political affiliations.

Why do cars have GB stickers?

The sticker, a white oval with the letters GB representing Great Britain, must be placed on the rear of the vehicle. Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain – which is made up of England, Scotland and Wales – but the GB sticker is used on cars from all parts of the UK.

What country has an L on a number License plate?

Oval car stickers

Country International vehicle registration number
Liechtenstein FL (stands for Principality of Liechtenstein)
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg L
Macau MO (unofficial country code for license plates)