What do the men often want from a woman in a relationship?

Don’t worry about that.If a man is attracted to you, and you start a relationship with him, then the feelings will come naturally.

Sure, one man is looking for an “adventurous” partner and the other prefers a “Waifu” who will cancel her job and take a traditional housewife (not recommended unless you literally want to be commanded in everything and nothing more than your role in “his” family/ Household).And again another wants to be a “sweet” girl, or idk, a rough chick, etc.

But there is no general flavor to generalize.In the first instance, men just look at your appearance. So take care of your good. Once he goes with you long enough, he automatically develops feelings (or not, in which case nothing will happen). You can not force that, you have to wait for that.

Be accepted and can be themselves.And there are many things that support that. I think one of the man’s greatest fears is to be dismissed by a woman. And the better the person wants to be with a woman, the greater the fear can be.

If I have to speak for myself (I’m not going to speak on behalf of all men)

  • A person who feels safe
  • Someone who can laugh so that she knort
  • A partner in decisions
  • A consolation in grief
  • Someone I can occasionally express my beach
  • Someone to walk with
  • Someone to cook with
  • Someone I can help myself with
  • Someone who can be with me
  • Someone who told me her problems
  • Who partakes me from her reading (and living)
  • Inteligence that is not much different from my own
  • A personality that connects to mine (complementary, equal, no matter, it just needs to connect)

I have been bold as to what I think about the urz is applicable. For the rest I’m not that demanding right?:)

The men?On generalizations it is very difficult to give an acceptable answer.

The men is such a general and Reed notion, no one can say anything sensible about it.I can talk about what I find interesting in a relationship with a woman, to go to your question.

What makes her so appealing?

  • Her good mood
  • Her posture (proud attitude).

It’s not about its length, 1.57 m is just as beautiful as 1.87 m. Just be proud of yourself.

  • Hair style.
  • It doesn’t matter what she wears. That can be emo, punk, Westwood or Chanel, if she wears it with flair and looks neat.

  • Be clear in what she wants and does not want.
  • She cannot assume that we can read thoughts, because we cannot. Generally we are rather clueless, silly in picking up signals. So ladies, not blindly sailing, but you speak boldly. A relationship.Bondage. Emotional and physical attraction. Love and security. Recognition, recognition, a reword, confirmation. Support, trust, motivation.


    “The men”… What does that matter.Is not the only thing important, what your partner expects from you in a relationship.

    I have no idea what “the men” want, but I have a suspicion that I would not keep it full long with a woman who want what “the men” want… I am not a general category, I am an individual.

    The woman.

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