What do teachers hate?

I spent a few weeks in front of the classroom and, in an earlier stage, spent years in class.

I now understand that teachers do not applause as:

  • Pupils during the lesson to beat each other a bloody nose
  • Jantje for the twentieth time his books forget
  • Pietje wakes up again because it has become too late yesterday

But still… That rebellious pupil A, big mouth, often involved in brawling, really no sweetheart…

This pupil A… It visibly takes a lot of effort to keep it all in the classroom.This pupil who is doing his best, can get the most out of it and each time it gets a six.

And then the pupil B, you actually hardly notice him, who is doing just enough every time and also just a six gets.

Teachers will be proud of pupil A. Pupil A will save it later.

On the other hand, teachers will hate the convenience of pupil B, and especially hate their own inability to be able to send in time.This pupil B is going to get it hard later because he has never learned to do his best for him.

Pupils who come late and then walk through without apologizing.You will be disturbed in your story, there must be income again, if this happens a few times you lost the thread. It’s rude, it bothers the lesson.

Keep your coat, as if you can decide to leave again at any time.

Get up to go to the toilet during the class.It bears witness to little respect for what the teacher is trying to do.

If that is necessarily necessary, look for a suitable moment if there is no explanation and consultation.

Nothing to prepare the lesson material.

Do not bring any books.

Do not prepare questions.

Do not annotate.

Do not learn for the key.

Talk through the lesson.Chewing gum, eating and drinking during class.

Before the end of the lesson pack or even get up for the lesson to end.

A teacher prepares, tries to adapt his lesson to the group, makes some effort, and then students are not very respectful.

Education costs a lot of time, money and effort.It only passes once. Take advantage of it.

If you have not made any effort then keep it quiet and come on time, that is the least you can do.At least the others can benefit from it.

To pupils who do not do their best.

To pupils who have little motivation and are therefore very little committed to their profession.In addition to disturb the class by their chatter or show little respect for them.

School students?

After 23 years of teaching I dare to say & reason that I do not hate the disturbing behaviour of indeed, sometimes I are annoying and often find values and norms far…

But was that in our times different than?I too was sometimes distracting & didn’t always understand (or didn’t want to comprehend) why certain norms and values were to be followed…

The youth does not change, they struggle with the same questions as every other generation.It’s just the environmental factors that change.

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