What do I need to know as a Quora alpha user in Dutch?

How do I get access to Quora in Dutch?

On the internet you can go directly to the URL https://nl.quora.com/ .In the menu in the upper right corner you can switch between Dutch and English.

How does Quora work in Dutch?

You can see Quora in Dutch as a new version of Quora where all content (questions, answers, topics) is now displayed in Dutch.This content is separate from the English content so you can only see one type of content at a time, but you can switch between languages within your Quora account. But please keep in mind that with Quora in Dutch you have a different feed, other notifications, etc. Have.

Since we have only just begun, the amount of content in Dutch is, of course, much smaller than the English content on Quora.Over time, we hope to expand the user community and available content.

Currently, Quora is a closed system in Dutch -with very few users.We want the product to work well before we release it to anyone. Over time, people can invite all of their friends who might appreciate Quora as well. After that, we open the platform for everyone so people can read the content and report to them.

How can I help?

We would very much appreciate it if you would like to write answers and ask questions… In other words what you actually do on Quora in English!Because few people participate in this test, you shouldn’t expect your questions to get great answers right away (as might be the case in English).

How do I give feedback?

This is possible in two ways: 1. Write a post in the Facebook group.2. Send an email addressed to [email protected]

We keep a close eye on all of this and we may also respond to your feedback.

What should I look for?

Of anything and everything!We like to hear how all aspects of the experience look to you. For us this is a very early test so all feedback is very important at the moment to improve the product.

We would also like to hear feedback on the language in the product.We have translated the product into Dutch and want to hear whether it sounds natural in Dutch.

What can I share with other people?

Please do not share information about Quora in Dutch with others or in public.This is an early test so we want to make sure the product is ready to enter the market before we share that news with others in the outside world and before we invite more users.

Can I invite other people?

At this moment we want to keep it small because it is such an early test and we want to make sure that everything works well before we invite a lot of people.If you know people who would like to help you to test Quora, please send an email to [email protected] with their contact details.

In a few weeks we give the green light and people can invite others directly.

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