What do Dutchmen think of the Flemings?

In my student days I lived just over the border near Maastricht in Belgium (the Flemish part).

Myself and I have no prejudices.They are people. And they are as diverse as the Dutch.

There are sympathetic and fun Belgians, but also arrogant and unfriendly.Smart, but also less clever. Long, thin, small, thick.

For the rest I know the call jokes (and also a few ‘ ‘ Ollandermoppen ‘), but I know that they do not say anything about ‘ the ‘ Fleming.

In their dealings with Dutch, they first look at the cat from the tree.Then thaw them. They are cordial, generous people. Visitors are pampered.

Friends make you for life, quarrels are talking out and battle axes buried.

Nothing wrong with them, with those flemings.

Let me, rather than answer myself as a Fleming, refer for an answer to the Flemish singer Miel Cools, with a text by the Dutchman Ernst van Altena:

When I see it, those endless ribbon buildings
From Spa to Hasselt and from Tienen to Ghent
And when I feel how to narrowing in kleinstedic mind
The Fleming always runs through his own alley
If I am by car over the cobblestone martyrs
With around a thousand meters a crushed band
Then I think: Flanders may be lusty and fritful
But dear Lord give me the neat Netherlands

When I see them, those endless blocks of boxes
From Weesp to Arnhem, from Terneuzen to Terlet
And if I notice how chewed and unbroken
The Dutchman always on his neighbor’s mind
When I see them, those gardens without adventures
Grass without weeds and privatter along the edge
Then I think: the Netherlands may be clean for the neighbors
But dear Lord give me the Mad Flanders Country

When I see the Fleming full of beer returning home
The corridor to Wankel and the tongue what’s too loud
If I see him bitterly humorlessly marching up
Behind the claw nature with too military sound
When I hear them, the Flemish jokes are too Drollig
Often along, often on, and very often also beyond the edge
Then I think: Flanders may be drifty and Langston
But dear Lord give me the calm Netherlands

When I see them, the Dutch in their churches
Reformed, reformed, descendants of Calvin
With their faces rigidly as white-washed slabs
And with their certainties crushed fine
When I hear them reverberating their truth
Never out of the neat pleat and not out of the band
Then I think: the Netherlands may be free from sin
But dear Lord give me the sinful Vlaanderland

Oh Dear God Give us a kilo of Flemish gladness
A kilo of fidelity and duty feeling from the Netherlands
Then we mix it ourselves in our own freedom
To friendship without eye to eye and tooth for tooth

Text: Ernst of Alterna
Music: Miel Cools

I am a Dutchman, but do not speak on behalf of all Dutch.But this Dutchman is keen to visit Flanders. I haven’t met any flemings that I can’t shoot. Maybe they think about me differently than they say, but I don’t think so.

Afijn, in Flanders Delicious beers are brewed, and there is a good culinary tradition, and very hospitable.O and they also have a good sense of humor.

If I were to emigrate, Belgium is at the top of my list.

Flemings?I live in the north of the Netherlands so Flemings live for me just as far away as Pygmies. But forward, I tell you everything I know from Flemings. They eat a lot more tastier than we do, know a good glass of wine to appreciate and talk much nicer Dutch than we do. And they are bigger than the Pygmies.

I myself am a Dutchman of Indonesian descent.I came as a child from Indonesia. In This answer I use the word Dutchman and Dutchman. Dutchman, I consider it synonymous with the northern Dutchman.

At school and university I had Belgian highly.These were friendly, but also strict and somewhat distant people. But they were more polite than the Dutch.

My high school teacher had a French surname, so I’m not sure if she was a Flemish.In any case, she spoke Dutch with a Belgian accent and not with a French accent. My teacher at the university does have a Dutch surname. She too, like my teacher in school, is polite, distant and strict.

When I come to Flanders, I also feel that people are nice, polite and friendly.They are different from Dutchmen or northern Dutch. In addition, most flemings in my opinion are not blunt and less direct than Hollanders and are less secular, i.e. faithful. I think this aspect is important.

On the other hand, in the Netherlands, I still feel “we are among each other”.Many Dutch people also regard Indonesians as (former) compatriots. I miss this feeling in Flanders. Although I can speak Dutch with them, I don’t have the same feeling. They are ‘ foreigners ‘ to me anyway. On the other hand when I meet flemings abroad and contact them, for example in Germany or somewhere else, they look a little weird. They are amazed that I can speak Dutch!

A funny aspect is that I am often approached in the Netherlands by Flemish tourists, who ask me the way!But many foreign tourists speak to me rather than Hollanders in the Netherlands, if they want to ask something. I don’t know why.

Some immigrant Dutch friends of mine claim that Flemings would be more racist than Dutchmen, so they would discriminate more.They often point to the fact that many Belgians vote for VB and certainly in cities like Antwerp. Fortunately, I have never been discriminated against in Flanders in particular and Belgium in general. I think if you behave normally and politely, then other people will also be well-behaving.

So in conclusion I would like to say that Flemings are generally nice, polite and friendlier.They are also less direct and perhaps more traditional than most of the Dutch. But they can also be more distant and stricter than Hollanders.

I hope it has answered your question.Thank you for asking me this question Tom van Ldne (Tom van Ldne).

Generally treasures of humans.There is often a warm underlay in them. Irish have that too.

The question is far too general for a precise and effective answer.Broadly speaking, I can say that there is much more mutual respect than two or three decades ago. Then there was less real contact between those two and the two groups often made faint jokes that exposed above all prejudices.

Today I have the idea that there is more mutual sympathy, especially because we share a language, a small language surrounded by an immense and ever more globalising country, and because there was a great deal of exchange between the Netherlands and the 17th century Flanders.

I think most Dutch people find Flemings sympathetic.

Mostly very nice, lovely people.

They speak cleaner Dutch than we do if they do not use dialect

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