What direction in IT now offers the most future, certainty and fun?

You know, almost all aspects of life are involved with technology, that just choosing a direction in IT in itself already offers a degree of certainty and future.It is so global that it is better to orientate you in general. Which of the areas within the IT offers someone the most pleasure is truly personal.

Having said that: I want to try to indicate a few areas anyway

-Technical support: These are usually the first line of people.The person you get on the line when you call for a problem with your computer. They help the less tech-savy people among us with the daily issues of the computer (hardware or software). They can also be known as Helpdesk technicians or problem managers. Regardless of the name the skills are important in this area the following: communication, problem solving thinking, and general knowledge technology knowledge

-Programmers: These are the people who write the programs, codes and functions to create the software we use from small to large games, from simple applications to large database systems, websites and Infrastrucuren.This group can also be divided into, for example, Web application developers, mobile application developers, etc. and that is also able to be distinguished in different programming languages. It’s really a great area. However, the skills that people generally want to see in this group are: attention to detail, logical thinking, problem solving and working together in a team

-IT security (cyber security): This group of people has the responsibility to keep their clients and organizations safe from digital attacks on, for example, their data.We are thinking about updating systems, scanning for irregularities and monitoring the risks that one can run in the daily use of computer systems. Skills: Problem solving, crisis management and effective communication

-Network administrators: These people are engaged in setting up the networks for an organization.They are also concerned with security, data, data storage and recovery. Skills: Planning, analysis, problem solving

Other areas I see coming up are the following.Unfortunately, I do not yet have enough knowledge of them to say something sensible in this context, but I would like to mention them:

Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Data scientist

This is not just a question.It is immediately three questions and an area ( 鈧?虄It ) which makes it very wide immediately. And all three are not supplementary but in themselves questions.

I always find this a tricky one.My glazenbol has suffered from a malfunction for many years and I still can’t find him a good ITer to solve this problem for me. So according to my brain spinsels you should go towards or infra on development.

That which will remain necessary for the time being and is not yet to be automated. That gives the most certainty.If I were to bet on part of the 鈧?虄It world, I would bet on the infra companies. For the time being, someone will have to break open the street, dig and put the (news) cables into it. Yes, it is becoming more wireless, but these cables will remain the most reliable for the time being and remain very important.

This is a very personal one.Where I have fun to experience, another does not have a pleasure to experience. The one will take pleasure from what is credited to his account on a monthly, another is experiencing his work more fun by being able to classify his own time and be responsible for certain goals. The one does not exclude the other, but this rather personal with what you want to achieve yourself.
I do believe that you should have fun in your work to keep it long (there).

AI and robotics will still be there for a long time.

There are many aspects to IT.

Fun is very personal.

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