What diet do you think is best to follow?

No idea.But what works well for me is to reduce all the sweet flavors in your diet. So do not eat sugar free because then you will keep tasting the sweet taste. No, just more greasy food. Use less sugars and sweetcuts. Slowly getting used to a diet which tastes something more acidic or salty and then you get a feeling of hunger more and less quickly…

The problem of sweet meals is that you will get hungry faster and then just eat more.And that also works with aspartame, stevia and other sweeteners.

The effect with me is that I now eat nicely three meals a day and this gives me a good feeling.No trek to go in between by still snooping or so. And in three years time 30 kilos fallen off!

What I eat especially nowadays?Bread with cheese, lots of leafy vegetables, beans and chicken/pork. Nuts and sometimes a little bit of fruit. Coffee without sugar, tea with a minimum of sugar because it does not taste otherwise and lots of water. With fruits be careful because that is fresh again. It is ideal between two meals if you try to get used to the sugars.

The most beautiful thing is that your taste becomes more and more sensitive to sweetness.So the slices of paprika in the chicken fillet already taste very sweet…

I haven’t found the ideal diet yet, for myself.This is mainly because I have little self-discipline in the area of food. But I’ve been using a lot of tips and based on a sensible and practical advice from a fellow Quoraan, Liang-Hai Sie, just found a diet that I now have about five months as a basic use and with which, despite many missteps anyway, every month a kilo of waste. And that is also what I strive for. And I’ve never been hungry. The diet is mainly based on a lot of vegetable food. 700 to 1000 grams per day and then of course not the carbohydrate-rich vegetables, but also do not panic to avoid all carbohydrates. And no refined sugar or sugar substitutes.


I do two fruits in the morning as breakfast with the same weight in green vegetables (such as celery, spinach, chicory, zucchini, peppers, cucumber etc.) in the hand blender and so I eat raw, washed with peel.

Then you can eat the best organic varieties. If I do not have one, I peel them.

Between noon, against many advices in it, but I like it nicely, plate of warm milk with oatmeal and hefty tablespoon of broken flax seed.If I have to leave during the day, I eat it in the morning and take my vegetable/fruit snack in a jar.

In the evening some 700 to 800 grams of stir-fried or boiled vegetables or partly in vegetable soup or salad processed.Egg/cheese/fish there, sometimes chicken. Bowl of yogurt, often with fresh fruits; A single time 10 raisins.

That is then my ideal day.But mostly I’m smuggling a bit to decent. But those 700 to 1000 grams of vegetables a day, I always get it. I am most sinful by eating cake with the coffee or a few sandwiches with peanut butter and sambal. Not good, I know.

For me it works anyway, because every diet in which I love hunger, that does not work for me.But others can do that again.

In terms of nutrients, it is reasonably balanced, I like it and I’m never hungry.It does not collide with the recommendations of the Nutrition Centre, which I have a lot of confidence in.

Oh Yeah, because I eat a lot too fast and can’t learn that, I’ve been teaching myself to wait twenty minutes after I’ve got a first plate of food.For me that helps. People who have a normal eating pace do not need to.

But others can just by eating less and neatly following the disc of five too good weight loss.It is and always remains a matter of consuming more calories than recording.

A diet you can sustain.A way of life. Knowing what you eat (what’s in it) is a first step. Know what that is doing with you a second. Then it becomes very easy to leave things.

To my son I gave the example of a car and gasoline.Why would you refuelling more than you are going to drive, just put it flat. Your body is just like, if you’re in the office all day, so you don’t have to get the fuel from someone who’s active all day. You have to adapt the fuel to your activities.

The kind of fuel is of course also important.As Wim also indicates, sugar is something you get a quick draw from, fake sugars may be even worse, because they make sure that you take your body in the grind. That’s what you’re going to feel even better. If you still want sugar, make sure it comes from natural products such as fruit. I eat myself 1/3 apple green sour apple in the morning with my Greek yogurt (1/3 not to make it complicated, we are with 3tjes and we all eat the same;)) there I can spend quite a long time on it.
Furthermore, it is important to investigate where slow carbohydrates are in it, which is good fuel.Silver fleece rice, sweet potato, wholemeal products.

We don’t eat slow carbohydrates every day at our dinner.I still find it very illogical to eat a lot during your evening meal, while you are not going to do anything afterwards. I prefer to eat a lot of vegetables and meat with something vets. Then I feel much more energetic in the evening. Like tonight I eat a salad with a steak and homemade herb butter. A baked potato in his time is tasty, but I certainly don’t miss that.

What works for me is to adapt myself to the activities I do in the week.I’m sitting in the office for 5 days. I cycle one hour a day.
In the morning I eat Greek yogurt with raspberries or green apple.
As lunch I often eat left-overs of the evening menu, meatballs and salad with a fat sauce something like that and then around four o’clock I eat something small, a low-carb crackertje with cheese or a bifi-sausage so that I am not faint during my bike ride home.

It seems very little I eat, but there is a lot of fat, so you keep it full longer.If I have a busy program in the afternoon with all sorts of meetings (which I can’t eat at ease in between) I sometimes eat one whole wheat sandwich with cheese in my break, so I can guaranteed to advance the whole afternoon.

During the weekend I am often more active In terms of movement so I take a sandwich in the morning.When I know I’m sitting quietly all the day I just take the yogurt again. I like it just ‘ flexible ‘/to eat as needed and then not mental need, but physical need:)

It takes time to discover what will suit you and not.I also have regular internet searches for new recipes and information. Just do it slowly. Always replace something else for something new and Sinmore. That’s mentally a lot easier to accept.

Just a normal, varied diet, in moderation.If you want to lose weight, then reduce your intake of calorione, by reducing carbohydrates, and saturated fats. These hype dieeten, such as low carbohydrate, or fat-free, may work for a few moments, but are often too strict to sustain for a long period of time. Also, I would say, fresh products are often healthier as those prepared in a factory.

No diet.

If you go on a diet, you just go off.

Eat healthily, preferably vegetable and remember that you have to eat a lot of volume with low calories, 60% carbohydrates/20% protein/20% fats, preferably vegetable.

Along with a healthy diet welcomed, rest, exercise, meditation. Always together.

Depends on genetic-epigenetic factors and affordability.Europeans (Germanisch-Kelt) are good for dairy, bread and beer. Polynesians Get diabetes if they deviate from a keto diet. Eat things that give you a bright and happy kick.

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