What did you want to be when you were small and what do you actually do now?

I was as a teenager still very small I realise…

Fed by the music of Serge Gainsbourg,

By the poems of Charles Beaudelaire,

I wanted to become a decadent writer with a bohemian life.

I now work at the most boring accountancy firm in the Netherlands,

Got married happily, have two small children,

Do not smoke, sport regularly and drink only wine if we have something to celebrate.

I am an extremely decadent writer with a Bohemian life active on Quora,

That then again though…

I was especially a fan of ‘ righteousness ‘ but from laws and rules (and the patterns and relationship like this than that).Police, judges, lawyers that sort of thing. And I am still here. As a child, I obviously didn’t know that there were more tastes than that. I do not know children who say-I want to deal with the analysis of payment behaviour and the progress of money, crazy!

I started on my 18th on a debt collection department.Then I thought HEY so can it too!
Companies have conditions, which people must adhere to, that is in any case rules.If they do not adhere to those rules, that has consequences. If they do not adhere to their payment obligation, there is really something legally starting at some point. For instance, I went from the in-House collection department to a collection agency. I found nothing at all. And what a rude saying, from that kind of agency. No I don’t like that. People don’t get less human for me if they haven’t paid anything. Of course you can not be the gentle whomaster (I found myself-you have to learn) but rude and threatening is certainly no way that will make someone pay faster.

I left there quite quickly and started working at a bailiff.Fantastic I found that. Moreover, the people in my portfolio paid very well, I discovered a fraudulent client (this company gave false claims to us and hoped that we would simply see every debtor as a debtor-not so!) and I even received occasional favors Sent. A bunch of flowers and once a gigantic chocolate bar. I was always very happy with it, but I also secretly cried, because I felt so guilty, these people had then paid off their debt and with their first ‘ free to spend money ‘ they bought something for me. That was really a huge gesture in my view, which left me with very mixed feelings. Eventually I decided to just accept it for what it was, the people were glad I had helped them. Positive!

Today I am working again at an in-house collection department and take care of all communication between the collection agency, bailiff and the various industries we have here.Great fun, so I can mean to everyone though I’m not always loved internally. Yes, a person or company must comply with his payment obligation, but we also need to provide the right services if I see what is not right, I will unfortunately actually put it on the table for them. Nobody escapes the magnifying glass in this kind of case!

So am I now doing what I dreamed of as a child?No, better! I do work what I like and that’s something everyone dreams of!

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