Biography of Irena Sendler. Irena Sendler was a Polish social worker who helped rescue 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II and place them in convents or with non-Jewish families.

Thinking of that, why is Irena Sendler important?

She helped smuggle Jews out of the ghetto to the Aryan side and helped set up hiding places for them. When the Council for Aid to Jews (Zegota) was founded, Sendler became one of its most important activists. The council was founded in the fall of 1942 after 280,000 Jews had been deported from Warsaw to Treblinka.

The question then arises, what was Irena Sendler‘s job? Nurse

Social worker

In addition, what did Irena Sendler die of?


When did Irena Sendler die?

12. May 2008

Where did Irena Sendler go to school?

Free Polish University. University of Warsaw

How did Irena Sendler’s father die?

Early life. Irena Sendler was born Irena Krzyżanowska on February 15, 1910 in Otwock, Poland. Her parents were members of the Polish Socialist Party and her father, Stanisław Krzyżanowski, was a doctor and died of typhus when Irena was a child.

When did Irena get married to Sendler?

1947 (Stefan Zgrzembski)

1931 (Mieczysław Sendler)

Where was Irena Sendler born?

Warsaw, Poland

Who lost the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore?

In 2007 she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but lost to Al Gore. “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler” (a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation airing Sunday on CBS) tells her story without the zeal, passion, terror, and chaos that her mission entailed.

What is the capital of Warsaw?

Polish Warszawa

Did Irena Sendler write a book?

In 2011, Jack Mayer tells the story of the four Kansas schoolgirls and their discovery by Irena Sendler in his novel Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project. In 2016, Irena‘s Children, a book about Sendler written by Tilar J. Mazzeo, was published by Simon & Shoemaker.

How many lives did Irena Sendler save?


When did Irena Sendler become a social worker?


Who was Irena Sendler married to?

Stefan Zgrzembski m. 1947-1959

Mieczysław Sendler m. 1931-1947

Who were Irena’s parents Sendler?

Stanisław Krzyżanowski father

Janina Krzyżanowska mother

Why was Irena Sendler suspended?Why was Irena Sendler suspended?

Irena was suspended after covering the 1926 May Uprising. It was no different when she was a student. She almost got her degree in Polish literature from the University of Warsaw, similar to how her father almost got a degree in medicine there.