What dangerous items have you accidentally and innocently worn by safety checks?

Shortly after 9/11 I was on vacation to the USA. Since we came a lot through all sorts of nature parks I had a large size pocket knife.

After arriving in Las Vegas we decided to eat in the Stratosphere Tower.

A metal detector was standing in front of the elevator with an older guard with what I will call ‘ Freek de Jonge eyeglasses ‘ as irreverently.

I suddenly figured out that I still had that knife in MN pocket.

Just pretending nothing is going on seemed to me the wisest, so I put my wallet, watch, the knife and keys in the tray which was meant for the metal stuff and walked quietly through the metal detector while the guard looked carefully at the screen.

Once through the metal detector I grabbed everything from the tray again and walked quietly.

Another time was at Kiev airport in Ukraine.My colleague wanted to smoke outside, but we would be picked up in the terminal. So we had to smoke after he had smoked his cigarette back in.

There we had to go through the metal detector where two seriously looking and in green uniformly stabbed men with large caps next.

Again I did everything in the tray and walked through the metal detector.However, I forgot to finish my watch (something Swiss with a lot of metal).

Strangely enough, the metal detector did not finish. When I was there I saw why.That was just a matter of fact.

It was pure theater all.

No pocket knife, no metal nail file, but a joint and an almost melted chocolate bar have almost brought me into trouble.

During a press trip to Portugal with an international company of journalists from Canada, Brazil, Finland and Sweden and a handsome Spanish photographer, everyone, after the meal, put on a cigarette. Everyone, except the Spaniard who has one in my naive eyes Bizarre Butkje rolled.

One of me tests?He laughed his Pepsodent-teeth exposing.

I took it, but smoked my own filter cigarette and put the Spanish cigarette in my bag between the travel brochures, bloc-notes and ballpoint pens.

Back on the editorial board I showed the smoke to a colleague with ‘ experience ‘.

Are you affected by the control at the airport?It is a joint and good weed. Just smoke it with your husband tonight and enjoy it.

There was just nothing…

Another time, I was searched at Tel Aviv Airport by a grumpy aunt who found a suspicious item in my cluttered handbag.

And What is this? She snapped me.

The thing of the Stoots was a bar C脙 虂te d’Or that had already known better times.

Oh, just throw it away.Or脗 鈧?娄 Do you want to have it?

That turned out to be a magic formula.I was allowed to leave the box immediately.

This was when you could take a large bottle of water or eyeglass on board…

A broken head of a razor blade for women. Somehow came from the razor in my hand luggage and broken down.For the flight between Las Vegas and New York, I had caught the baton out of my bag and removed it, but didn’t see the cup. Only when I was unpacking my handbag at the hotel in New York was the cup popping up. Even customs had not noticed. Just do not know if the customs had liked it if they had seen it. In the meantime, you may have removable shaving cups in your hand luggage, but that’s not yet.