What country you visited during your holiday would you never go again? Why not?

Ethiopia… Beautiful country, nice people, great food, brilliant historical places… But so tricky to be traveled.From city to city you are in the bus for one or more days. Was fine when we were at the beginning of thirty, glad we did it then but now I wouldn’t do that again.


I am totally not spoiled.I grew up in a poor country and I have been in quite a few poor countries. If I can experience something interesting/unique, comfort doesn’t make me out.

But Greece looks very much like Turkey in terms of landscape, nature, food, sights etc.And if I can choose between the two countries, TR scores much higher in terms of hospitality, customer focus, professionalism, efficiency and child-friendliness.

Liechtenstein.We have been going for years with holidays to the Alps. We also love the typical Alpine villages, the Tradtional building method, etc.

We have been a day (I know, very briefly) in Vaduz.Vaduz is a modern city and lacks that whole alpine atmosphere. Also the road to it could not captivate us.

Of course, it has to do with your expectation, and Liechtenstein does not join us.When we were back we had something like this: “Ok, we also saw that once. Don’t need a second time “

I went to Venezuela several times.Good experience. But for now I’m not going there.

Usa.The unbridled lack of solidarity in this society is against me, and its consequences elsewhere in the world have become too violent.

Marocco and Tunisia

Unfriendly and disrespectful and miscrowded towards tourists.

Spain.In the 1970s I’ve been there a few times. Although I spoke Spanish quite smoothly then I had a slight accent and that was enough for many Spaniards to answer me in very poor English or in sign language. If you came to villages where someone lived in the Netherlands, the “Ieke Werreke Hollanda Hollanda is Beautiful”. That someone wants to show that he speaks some Dutch is fine, but then she did just as much as I speak a tiny bit of Spanish with the consequence that everyone in the environment of that conscious person would use him as an interpreter and no longer directly to Word wild E. Also, I hated the messy way everything was arranged. In every place, buying bus tickets was arranged differently and if you asked for info, they assumed that if you didn’t know that, you did not speak Spanish as you asked the question in Spanish right now! Also the slowness in shops was a thorn in the eye. The owner of the Estanco (tobacconist) was quietly talking fifteen minutes with someone without approving the rest of the customers. Some people find it nice that the pace there is less rushed than here but this is just sheer laziness.

Incidentally nothing against the people themselves though!I have worked for years as a social worker for the Spanish community in the Netherlands here, those who knew less Dutch, just spoke Spanish with me, many Spaniards have returned to their country and nowadays I learn via Facebook Sometimes people know with whom I have not been in contact for some forty years and it is very nice to follow them remotely via photos and videos… But I don’t see them anymore!

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