What could the EU do to improve its reputation?

More publicity.

The media do not have an interest from the EU, so the eurokraten themselves have to provide publicity.I get regular messages from the EP and from Guy Verhoofstat in my Facebook feed. That is good but there must be more of that sort of thing. MEPS have to give regular public lectures.

Ensure that it focuses on its original mission: Peace In Europe.

Oh wait.With the exception of some skirmishes in Ireland, and some conflicts on the jagged edges of Europe, the generation that was born after 1945 is the first generation in Europe that has been beaten to the marching to the neighbor’s bayonet in the belly.

From inherited enemies and ‘ corrupt sh * thole ‘ (to say it on his American) where there is always war, with the two collective European suicide attempts of 14-18 and 39-45 as a dark bottoming point:

A shining example of freedom and democracy in the world and cornucopia for all the inhabitants:

No, there is nothing wrong with that reputation.

There are, of course, people who suffer from memory loss or a dissociative fugue, or hoped that the EU would only be a coal-steel-Hansa-banded (of course, “trade” is one of the many instruments that the EU is turning to the mission and mandate “peace in Europe ‘, but it is not even the most important instrument. But as long as my Kranenburgs (Germany) neighbor does not get the tendency to take the machete out of the fat and strike me into the harses because my great-grandfather looked wrong to his great-grandfather, or that I would not fire his house because the Prince Bishop of Cleves once the states of Gelre have been scammed, there is little mass with the EU’s reputation within Europe.

Outside Europe, the EU only has an even better reputation.A former Russian policymaker once whispered to me , “if these rulers would steal half less if they do now, and half would work harder: Then the Russians can live as Scandinavians.If our rulers did not steal anything, and would work just as hard and efficiently as the Dutch: Then the Russians can live as oil sheikhs. “

With better communication by the EU.

But our journalists must also write more about the EU & Show!Let the citizen see what happens there, if a DUTCH politician says something else in Brussels than in The Hague let that show!

Furthermore, it is now price-shooting by the EU haters without a counterbalance to this. So those can call everything and there are sat people who still believe it as well.

Nerederlandse politicians must also take their responsibility to stand up against the anti-EU parties, showing what it really is about!

The eurocomission has opened Europe economically to the rest of the world without realizing that what is now there is no competition but a real economic war.In France, we now have this endless crisis of “yellow Blades”…. this is one of the consections of destroying our industry and of this massive unemployment. I think that the EU should give preference to our jobs, to our youth, to our businesses. That does not mean that we should promote protectionism… A balance must be sought between the importance of the “consumer” and that of the “employee”… While protecting the environment and of the Klima in the economics must be imported.

‘, ‘ We do not know the REAL objective of the EU. Which forces play from which SOURCE?Recognizing God’s plan for his creation is complicated, but will soon lead to the return of Jesus Christ, Halleluja.

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