What could possibly be another coalition? (Opinion does not matter and VVD does not need to sit there.)

In this answer, I assume that you are about another coalition for the next cabinet.The seats are then divided as follows:

(Based on polls by Maurice de Hond 26 – 5 – 2019)

Second Chamber

VVD: 25

FvD: 24

PvdA: 16

Green Left: 16

CDA: 15


PVV: 8

SP: 8

Party for the animals: 8

ChristianUnion: 7

50Plus: 5

Think: 4

SGP: 2

Other Parties: 2

Seats needed for majority: 76

First chamber:

VVD: 12

FvD: 12

CDA: 9

Green Left: 8


PvdA: 6

PVV: 5

ChristianUnion: 4

SP: 4

Party for the Animals: 3

SGP: 2

50Plus: 2

OSF: 1

Seats needed for majority: 38

The Coalition

The coalition should have a majority in the first and second chamber.

Most likely, again, almost all parties close cooperation with the PVV. The only big party that does not do this is Forum for democracy. The coalition that has a great opportunity, in my opinion, to be formed is the following:

(Party, seats TK, seats EK)

The right-wing coalition

VVD (25, 12)

FvD (24, 12)

CDA (15, 9)

Party for Animals (8, 3)

(Or D66 instead of party for the Animals D66 (10, 7)

Christian Union (7, 4)

Second Chamber seats: 79

First Chamber seats: 40

This coalition fits, reasonably (on the PvdD na) together.However, I think that the party of the animals would like to cooperate in this, as they can then do so with ally VVD. Yet this coalition is not very likely, because the Forum for democracy is a huge challenge for the VVD and the ChristianUnion in several areas. Also the CDA and D66 do not have a high cap of FvD. This coalition would be ideal for the right-wing voters, but it is unlikely to come.

The left-wing minority coalition

Green Left (16, 8)

PvdA (16, 6)

D66 (10, 7)

SP (8, 4)

Party for Animals (8, 3)

Second chamber seats: 58

First Chamber seats: 28

This coalition is unlikely, simply because it does not make a majority.The socialist side of the Netherlands can therefore not yet hope for a left-wing majority coalition. This coalition above is already unlikely, because the SP might not want to work together with the rest at all.

The Middle Coalition

VVD (25, 12)

Green Left (16, 8)

CDA (15, 9)

D66 (10, 7)

Party for Animals (8, 3)

Christian Union (7, 4)

Second chamber seats: 81

First Chamber seats: 43

A difficult, but certainly possible coalition.The PvdA would still have a turn skipping with Multiegeren. They are still recovering from the blow of past second chamber elections.

VVD, CDA, CU and D66 are currently in the same reign.Green Left and the party for the animals can feel comfortable closing it. Although it is difficult to get Green Left, it is still able to form this coalition. They have in any case a majority in both rooms!

The Forum Coalition

Perhaps the Forum for democracy is unexpectedly a coalition.This is unlikely, but still I want to look at the possibilities for the Forum.

FvD (24, 12)

PVV (8, 5)

50Plus (5, 2)

SGP (2, 2)

Second chamber seats: 39

First Chamber seats: 21

These club parties would definitely not achieve a majority.By adding the PVV to the list of FvD allies, many parties do not want to participate immediately. Perhaps Forum for democracy could be better without a coalition with the PVV;

VVD (25, 12)

FvD (24, 12)

CDA (15, 9)

Christian Union (7, 4)

50Plus (5, 2)

Second Chamber seats: 76

First Chamber seats: 39

This could well be the next coalition as Mr.Baudet stops offending his second chamber colleagues. Who knows!

Thanks for reading and for the question!

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