What compliment have you always stayed with?

I worked for one of the largest accountancy firms in the Netherlands.

One day we had a teambuilding session in the middle of the country.

Our surprise was great when a member of the Board of directors also came to watch halfway through the day.

We did brainstorming sessions, presentations, team games… All this under his watchful eye.

At the end of the day he himself took the word, in which he spoke to us, a whole room full.

He often looked at me suspiciously.

Afterwards I saw him step off on our team leader.

From him I heard later what had played.

Member of the RvB: “Who is that?”

TL: “Sebastian”

Member of the RvB: “That is a remarkable boy.A remarkable boy… “

I still don’t know if it was really a compliment,

But in a room full of uniform accountants it was good to be remarkable,

and felt it as a compliment that always stayed with me.

That I am a sexy beast.Admittedly, the lady in question has not had the opportunity to practically substantiate that assertion;-)

There are some compliments that I have stayed with.

1. I felt bad in my skin and walked with depression and anxiety disorder.

The only one that could help me a little at that time was a roommate. This roommate forced me out of my room to come and then took me a little walk along. On these walks we had good conversations and he was 1 of the few in which I dared to set myself open and vulnerable. These moments meant a lot to me.

At 1 of these hikes we were almost home again and he said to me, “Rianne, you are a beautiful person, even though you do not.In 5 years you are still this person, only stronger, more beautiful and more confident. Cherish that ‘. I found such a nice compliment. I had lost myself at that time so that I didn’t think it would ever come right. I didn’t know who I was myself and couldn’t think of any positive things about myself. That he mentioned that I was a beautiful person and that I could only grow, was exactly what I had to hear. I am still very thankful for that compliment and how he has helped on my way to recovery.

2.A super random compliment what I got from a guy. ‘ You have that sexy, cute vibe. But also the ‘ I could fuck your life up ‘ kinda crazy. I like it ‘.

I found it to be a nice compliment somehow.That I seem to have such an appearance and that something can be detached from someone.

3.When I graduated from my first study, I got a nice compliment from a teacher who was actually not as fan of me. How other teachers were often lyrical about my achievements, he was always reluctant, even went to challenge me and if that was just right, there was often no or modest complimentment. At least I always had the idea that he did not like me so much. But in retrospect I think he just wanted me to take extra days to perform even higher.

(Unfortunately) he had to keep the chat when I got on stage to receive my diploma.Some of my works came on the big screen and he passed them all along and appointed how great he found it. To conclude, he said: ‘ Rianne is a gem with a lot of talent, so I almost haven’t experienced it. We are proud to have been at this school and we will hear a lot later. ‘

This compliment continues to me because I didn’t expect it from him.But I am also proud to be back, because it was a kind of crown on my study that this teacher was also happy with my work.

4.A compliment I had gotten when graduating from my high school. My math teacher proclaimed that he wanted to have 20 Rianne’s in the classroom. I had to laugh at that.

5.I had the ceremony of my propedeuse of my follow-up study. In My first year I had a lot of setbacks. Among other things 5x moving, dwelling out, deceased family members and some personal struggles. In doing so, I had a lot of doubts about the study because it was not what I expected in the first instance. I had trouble getting into the rhythm. Because of all these factors I had a lot of doubts as to whether I should continue. This of course made for lesser school performance.

Anyway, after not giving up, still going ahead and even better bets I had taken it, all the study points in 1 year!I was quite proud myself and had a nice average which made it just not a distinction.

When it was my time to pick up my propaedeutic, I came up on the podium and had to keep my supervisor of course a story.He mentioned that he found it miraculous that I had taken everything so well. He said: ‘ And I am extremely happy that she has made the choice to stay on the study here. It was our loss if she had gone away.

These have stayed with me so quickly.Much about study and school. Anyway I am 21 and have only been in school from 3years to 21. So that’s so crazy yet.

That of my granddaughter: “Grandma, you have a sweet face” and also: “Grandpa and you have no ouwemensenmeubels”.

The director of a large company with a compliment that I had very good technical knowledge, but it was also easy to explain and had good social skills.Which unfortunately does not always go together in IT country.

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