Dulux has named Heart Wood its 2018 color of the year. Sitting somewhere between a smoky taupe and a somber mauve, Heart Wood is described as “warm neutral with hints of heather” and comes at a time when homeowners are yearning to transform their homes into true sanctuaries.

What colors go with heartwood then?

For a dramatic look in your bedroom, paint the walls a deep, luxurious shade like deep plum. Complement the wall color with wood and metallics like a rose gold table or a wooden bed frame.

Do you know what color just walnut is?

I love dulux just walnut! Very neutral, sometimes it looks pale gray and others pale beige. It goes well with almost all color schemes. We have it with wicker in our dining room and with gray and white paper in the living room.

Additionally, what color is Dulux heartwood?

Heartwood is “a lovely warm neutral with a touch of heather” as described by Dulux. In these modern times we all need a little maintenance, and that’s where this dusty rose color comes into play. When used around the home, we evoke feelings of warmth, calm, and nature.

What color goes with soft mocha?

Someone recommended mild mocha like theirs and said it pairs beautifully with purple and brown.

What colors go with soft truffle?

This style is the perfect chair for special occasions as the subtle, soft hue of truffle combines with a A variety of accessories can be combined, including shades of white, cream, mocha, cocoa and blush.

What color is polished pebble?What color is polished pebble?

The polished pebble color is the perfect shade of light silver gray that makes the spaces really bright and modern. I love the contrast between the walls and the white radiators, ceiling and baseboards

What color goes with a walnut kitchen?

Gray goes well with walnut cabinets, provided the space available is adequately lit. You can also choose neutral colors, gray, off-white and beige for the rest of the elements of the room. A very common and popular wall paint.

What color is Dulux Pebble Shore?


What color is goose down?

Goose down Goose down are a softer shade of gray and the right shade to create a cozy atmosphere in your room. Rock Salt A barely-there shade, this off-white color is a great all-rounder when you just want a touch of gray.

What color is Egyptian cotton?

Dulux Egyptian cotton / # d8d2c5 hex color code. The hexadecimal color code #d8d2c5 is a light shade of yellow. In the RGB color model, #d8d2c5 consists of 84.71% red, 82.35% green, and 77.25% blue. In the HSL color space, #d8d2c5 has a hue of 41° (degrees), 20% saturation, and 81% lightness.

What color is natural picking?

A failsafe color that it will work in each room is Natural Hessian by Dulux. It’s a pale beige that looks great on walls because it’s a really warm tone and doesn’t dominate.

What color is Perfectly Taupe?

Dulux carries a color called Perfectly Taupe which contains some gray but is a fairly warm color and looks good with brown. You might opt for an off-white color if you really want to brighten things up.