What characteristics of man will probably change in evolution?


Human evolution has stopped.Most babies become adults thanks to medical science and can also get children again. Genetic properties that would lead to more offspring in nature now have no benefit anymore because individuals with less favourable genetic properties have equal chances of survival and posterity.

A controversial question, with a controversial answer.

That sounds weird, but the face and the endocrine.Evolution is far from being stopped in humans. Man evolves continuously, but because evolution is a slow development over time, it is not always very noticeable and therefore it looks as if we are sitting still. Incidentally, evolution can also be relatively fast in humans, changes in, for example, pigment (skin, eyes, hair) can go relatively quickly (barely 10,000 years), in evolutionary terms quite quickly to mention. So very much, man is not determined, although it does not go as fast as for example a fruit fly. Humans are biologically a complex creature, but can adapt quickly to circumstances.

It turns out that the last 40,000 years the thickness of bones in the face is diminished. This has nothing to do with creating space for the brain, which, for example, has already been reduced by theory of smaller teeth.It seems that before we tame other species like the dog, we first did so with other people, a process called ‘ gracilization ‘. Nowadays the dog is most kept not because of the hunt or as a guard animal, but for companionship. An appearance resulting from ‘ gracilization ‘ is that the person seems to be young for longer. Taming animal species seems to work best in whole social species. Man is very social.

What also seems to be altered is the hormonal balance, but whose evidence is much harder to determine. It seems that the average life span of men for example has become shorter since the discovery of agriculture by increasing the hormone testosterone.Besides that the hormone can increase aggression and dominance both in women and men, the hormone is also increasing libido.

Incidentally, evolution has nothing to do with being stronger, although man still seems to be more intelligent.’ Survival of the fittest ‘ means most adapted to the environment. Well, man is an animal species that has been able to adapt the conditions and put the environment to her hand by her intelligence like no other. Now that more and more people live in cities and, for the first time in the 21st century, the majority in cities are living, that environment is even more and more ourselves.

Later menopause.

Poorer health.

Perhaps stronger Preplan urge.Insofar as that is genetically determined.

Sense of identity changed by every corner of the world that is more and more connected.

The way we process information is changed because the diversity in our lives for a bit is moved to stationary behind a multimedia device and in it a diversity experienced.Including the emphasis of our stamina to process information is being refocused. More individual packets of information that are short-lived than long focus on 1 subject.

Evolution runs on the fact that the weaves die and do not get children.Our society has protection of man as a great value, we believe that also the weasts have the right to be happy. But we do not take as much account of the repulsive morality that evolution has of itself. There is no justice in real league. So man degraded himself in time because we want to make our existence soft for us.

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