What causes a sodium deficiency and what can you do to have the fastest amount of sodium again?

I would discuss this with your doctor.Sodium. Potassium, calcium and magnesium are electrolytes, salts that are kept in balance relative to each other. Too little sodium is a potassium surplus at the same time, because these two must be in a certain proportion to each other. Same with calcium and magnesium. The one enters the cell by Exchange with the other, which goes out the cell. This provides information transfer and many other processes. Sodium keeps blood pressure level. It is not easy to solve because a surplus on the other side can quickly arise, and that causes heart problems. A potassium surplus can bring the heart of stroke and that is extremely dangerous.

Then the question of the cause of the sodium deficiency or a relative potassium surplus remains.

This can come from exertion, excessive sweating, nutrition, medicine or dietary supplements.

Quite a whole puzzle so.

My advice, except for a good blood test request of all electrolytes and an enlightening conversation with your doctor, would be to map out what you are doing or undergoing which may result in the sodium deficiency.

Desert walkers are advised to bring salt tablets because they sweat a lot and the salt (common salt, sea salt) cannot replenish sufficiently.Salt is sodium chloride.

Transpireer you a lot, do you drink excessive water?This will lose your salt (sodium). Have you just replaced kitchen salt with low salt or herbal doctor that contains more potassium? Do you have heart cramps or arrhythmias?

With a magnesium deficiency you can also sweat excessively, as already indicated, the four electrolytes are linked together.Or do you eat as less salt as possible as a precaution? In that case, you can be very careful occasionally to add some salt to your food. What can also be an electrolysione drink in the form of a quarter spoon of sea salt and a little lemon juice (a pinch) to drink a glass of warm water or bouillon. Not more often SAN once a day, on the fasting stomach or before eating, and never more than your taste indicates. It should taste good. Take the time out, it’s impossible to complete that very quickly, then it’s too much. Unless you feel very limp from a salt shortage, but then it is wiser to go to the first aid. It then determines whether you have a sodium deficiency and whether you need extra sodium. There can be everything going on and salt loads your kidneys so simple isn’t t all.

The most important thing is how you feel, and at what times that changes.Do you Drink a lot of coffee? Do you swallow potassium boosting medications? Read the package leaflet, map and make sure that you come to ice for the interview with your doctor and if possible, take someone with whom you are talking.

Does not help, because for example your doctor does not take you seriously or does not bother to delve into the problem (which is roughly the same) ask a reference to an internist.

What you can also observe yourself is how often you urinates and what color it has.Make a list of what you swallow and take it to the doctor.

When in doubt, look for what the side effects of your medication may be.Many medications have side effects that indicate disrupting the electrolyde balance. You cannot find this in the package leaflet, but you can do this by googling on the name of the active substance and hyponatraemia (sodium deficiency) or hyperkalaemia (potassium surplus). What you can find in the package leaflet are complaints caused by an imbalance of salts in the blood. Magnesium deficiency is not good in the blood, except if it is (almost) too late, because you tap magnesium in the absence of the bones. The body takes care of it. Magnesium deficiency you can notice very different symptoms like unrest, palpitations, muscle cramps in the calves in particular. That’s all good to find on the Internet.

Finally, you can also request a conversation with the pharmacist in a separate room within the pharmacy.Not with an assistant but with the pharmacist himself. She then picks up a book in which he or she can look for it.

What I decide to do is suddenly a lot more salt to eat.You now understand that the balance disturbs the other side.

What you might also consider is your resting heart rate and your blood pressure.The first is easy to do with an app on your smartphone, a blood pressure monitor can be ordered at the pharmacy or at the Care Association in your hometown. There are different types in different prices.

Measuring your blood pressure at the doctor can always be, but often you are tense so that your blood pressure is higher than the rest of the day.Make a note of it next to how you feel. Low blood pressure and low heart rate together can feel very much. There can also be a variety of causes. The functioning of the schildkluer affects that for example also. Our body is more complex than we realize. If the balance is search it is sometimes long searching for the cause it is found. You can help the doctor by observing your body properly based on background knowledge. You will find that a (good) doctor will ask you all sorts of questions to come to a diagnosis.

Good luck!I wish you good health.

At long-distance walkways in the sun and warm weather This seems to be a problem that is several times fatal.To consult with an expert in this field will be a wise decision before starting.

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