What can you tell us about your first name?

Laura means the laurels, laurel leaf/leaves, honor, fame and soul.It is a derivative of the Latin name Laurentius.

It’s my self-chosen name, when I was 18, I unofficially changed my first name, and when I was 22 I had it officially modified through the court.Now there is also Laura in my passport, and I have been called Laura for much longer than I had my original name (no, I do not share that name).

I’m called Laura to my second big heroine: Laura Ingalls Wilder as she was portrayed in the series The Little House on the Prairie by Melissa Gilbert.She was tough, heroic, brave, inquiciant, stubborn, went her own way. She is actually in the same line as my first big heroine: Pippi longstocking. But Pippi is of course Pippi and there can only be one of them haha:)

I tried out a number of different names, including Marjolein haha, nicely to read the answer of Marjolein about her name!But that was not for me. I had not thought of Laura myself, had not seen the little House by this time for many years. It’s really my mum’s fault, she reminded me of that name! And that fit. All. There are a lot of people who also say, without even knowing that I have chosen the name myself, that the name fits me so well.

It’s my house.My own chosen house, my own way, my individuality.

‘, ‘ One family tradition: the first male child was named Denis.The original Denis was a bishop from around Paris. Was beheaded. Would have walked with his head under the arm until St. Denis where he was buried. Bit stubborn-me too.

“,” My name is marjoram.Marjoram is a plant that seems to bring a healing effect.

There is a story that is about who just touched the marjoram with all sorts of enchanting creatures.It was called Dost at the time. A German poem tells: Dost, Hartheu und Weisse Heid, Thun dem Teufel fell lead. 虂 under the devilish scum which was driven away by marjoram attacked ants and snakes.

Marjolein in Latin means Origanum Majorana.Oros means 虂mountain 虂 and ganos Joy 虂. The amalgamation of Origanum therefore means ‘ mountain joy ‘. The plant grows preferably on mountain flanks. Majorana means ‘ bigger 虂, it’s a derivative of major. With this it distinguishes itself from Origanum Vulgare or oregano.Marjoram and oregano seem very similar to each other but Marjolein is a little sweeter and milder.

In India, Marjoram has been considered a sacred plant for a very long time.In Egypt, this herb was used as a disinfectant for wounds and to make food more sustainable. In Ancient Greece, tombs were planted with marjoram because it gives cheerfulness to the dead. In their earthly casing, Greeks are putting tea against digestive complaints. Both the ancient Romans and the Greeks saw marjoram as a lucky symbol and braiding head wreaths for married couples.

Furthermore, Marjoram also seems to have a medicinal effect for complaints such as:

  • Anxiety, stress, low stress resistance,
  • Tension, hyperactivity, insomnia,
  • Sadness, heartfelt pain, depression,
  • Neurovegetative dystonia or physical stress effects:
  • High blood pressure, palpitations,
  • Tension headache, nervous headache, migraine headaches.
  • Tightness, dizziness.
  • Digestion (diarrhea, weak stomach, abdominal bloating and upset stomach.

Works bile-floating and disinfected intestinal ducts).

Marjoram would be good for your digestive system when complaints like:

  • Achlorhythree or insufficient gastric juice formation, atrophic gastrirtis or weak gastric function,
  • Dyspepsia, diarrhea,
  • Flatulence, meteorism or bloated abdomen, aerocolic.
  • High blood pressure because it acts vasodilator and therefore blood pressure lowering,
  • Gastrointestinal cramps and colic because it inhibits histamine and serotonin contractions,
  • Menstruation pain and cramps because it is an emageye, a menstrual stimulating agent,
  • Muscle tension because it soothes nerves that control muscles,
  • Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes because it lowers blood sugar levels,
  • To prevent diabetes complications,
  • Bronchitis because it works expectorant, bronchodilating and Antispasmodia,
  • Sinusitis because it works diapfuge and disinfecting,
  • Cough as it works hoessilently and the cramping in the airways repels,
  • Exaggerated sex drift as it is an anafrodisiac,
  • Hyperthyroidism or too fast-acting thyroid gland because rozemarine, Apigeninie and luteolin are flavonoids that slow the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Externally, it relaxes the muscles.

In addition it works anti-inflammatory.

You can also use marjoram as an essential oil at

  • Muscle tension, stiff neck, muscle aches.
  • Contusions or bruises,
  • Sprain, swellings.
  • Gorgan or rinsing agent:
  • Mondslijminflammation,
  • Aften
  • Sore throat, tonsillitis.

You can use it as covers or lotion:

  • Arthritis, arthrosis,
  • Insect bites, itching
  • Freezing wounds.

And as an inhalants:

  • Nasal colds, sinus inflammation,
  • Bronchitis
  • Cough.

All in all I am happy with my name and I wear it proudly.I find marjoram have a soft sound and I think that softness is reflected in my personality. 🙂

I also hope somewhere that I have a healing effect as a person around people because of my attitude.

In addition to my passion, which can sometimes be a bit temperamental, I am very gentle and have developed properties of a comforter.

SOURCE Photo Marjoram Plant: Wikipedia

Source information about Healing Marjoram: https://mens-en-gezondheid.infon…

Theo means God.

Completely Theodorus, of meter Doron = Gift of God. My parents were of course very happy with me.

Cornelis means something like “horned” or “Horn of Abundance”, also a symbol of strength.Notable people: Cornelis de Wit, Cornelis Drebbel. And the founder of Duck City of course, Cornelis Prul. Also a Roman and biblical name, such as Cornelius, which we also know from the original Planet of the Apes series.

There are many variants, because as a call sign it is not very common, I am by the way named after my grandfather from fathers side.Like Cees-Kees-Kornelis-Nelis-Cor-Kor and Christiaan, I also believe. A teacher called me Cees, which I had no problems with. Furthermore, Cornelius and Korneel. Not to mention Cornelia for ladies. The name Cornelis is also a surname In this region.

Corny in English means in the most positive sense: Melig, which sometimes does apply, plus some distinct humor.I think sometimes: Corny and the other. But since the negative translations of corny I’m going to use that but not as a motto. Randy means horn-like, strong, but is being sexually translated as Geil. The English corn is about grain and is not related, dissected from Germanic Kernam.

I read on the Internet a funny story in which the name Cornelius was associated with someone who can keep talking endlessly.A meeting with a Cornelius is something you keep up with. His girlfriend said frustrated: The only way to get him quiet is to go to bed with him. The name is in my opinion what is archaic and mythical in terms of perception, and a tikkie soldier.

Martijn, the Roman god Mars, the courageous, combative.

It also suits my predilection for the color red (like the planet) and the fact that I am a Scorpio, the most sinister sign of the zodiac.

The disadvantage of my name is that they always pronounce the traffic abroad, and that there was an association with very objectionable objectives of the same name.

That he is very special and rare. And therefore I can not use it on the Internet.:(

There are now about 20 with the same name as me. But for years it was completing my name on Google for example.Enough to find a lot of personal things of mine. Pieces of work for example. It has also taken a very long time to get that away.

He is also difficult to pronounce for the small foepies, so people call me from childhood to SIS.And now aunt Sis.

I’m named after a cartoon that my older sisters and brother watched in the time I was born: Candy on the boat:)

It consists of letters?

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