What can you personally offer your (future) partner and what is not, regarding the broad spectrum of possible and usual relational desires?

We have often and long talked about what we both find important in life.Then we have already determined that my vision extends far beyond that of him. Where he wants to hatch is exactly the same point as me, he can only not look so far ahead/count. He doesn’t see how what he does today affects the future. That is what he applies to me (using sounds so negative).

The disadvantage-at the time for him was that I did not want more children.He really wanted children-but I then showed him (by explaining my vision) how much longer would it take for him to be at his end point (where he wants to be). In addition, I asked him if he wanted to investigate that ‘ idea ‘ of children. Was it really a kid’s wish or was that just a translation of a certain emotion. The latter proved to be the case. ‘ I don’t want children at all, I want someone who really loves me and I always thought ‘ if you have children they really love you ‘, I now see that that’s separate from that it’s not a healthy way/reason to get kids, I don’t need that at all , I have you and by you I now also love myself. Children that was a solution to a problem, which I now no longer have. ‘

If he would have liked to have children, I would have unleashed him on that point.
That would have been less pleasant, but I’m not going to stand in the way of someone’s dreams, and the other way around I wouldn’t think ‘ oh then I do it ‘ because I have promised myself never to do anything that I am not 100% behind.

My husband is an INFP-er-logical/abstract thinking that is not in it. Everything goes on feelings and principles.When I found him, he was still a little boy, he lived in a kind of shadow world, a world where he saw everything he wanted. In The real world life made him very much hurt, so good and pure that he is. He lost all his energy to how ugly people are doing against each other, how difficult and complex everything is (or is being made) and became completely trapped there.
In that area I am his counter-pole.For me, the world he didn’t dare to stay in is the Wild West, full of adventure and discoveries. Dreams-Meh, what are you shooting with it now.

In Our story He is the princess and I was the tough knight who brought down the tower in which he had locked himself out of protection and took him with him.From the beginning I felt that he did not hear. Where he did hear, no idea, but not there and I wanted to help him (apart from Love) to find his own home.

We have been travelling for 6 years now.I am still the same knight, but by this sweet princess I have learned what it is like to love someone and how fragile you are not at all weak, but rather stronger. He now lives mainly in the Wild West, but sometimes I have to bring him back to his bubble-where he can recharge and relax.

At the beginning, our journey felt like you were travelling with a friend who could also become your enemy.We did not control ourselves well, but we both had the same goal, to become a better version of ourselves. It was falling and standing, dragging and supporting. It was heavy, sometimes you just wanted to feel sorry for yourself, I rarely have that, but sometimes you just want to. However for him that was really a thing -too much thought and self-pity, so then I thought come on! Standing up, if you are not allowed to lie, I cannot do it either. Because of this we have become very close, so that we can also let each other easily loose. We know, we always come back together.

That always-is for an ISTP-there of course but the question, but he thinks that a pleasant thought.Fine anyway. I have given him a (figuratively) light pistol-if there is anything he can shoot it, I love action so I will definitely get on it and that way I always come back to him:)

So In this relationship we both have what we want, I have my freedom and my space to be just and to do who I am and he too.That works fine and we are still growing and learning from each other.

Difficult.People often expect different things and appreciate different things.

For example, I can cook very well but there are few people who see it as a useful skill.The same goes for sex, nowadays everyone has their own instructions.

Men with whom I went to find me often good for their professional development.They could always use me well. I have always helped them with study pieces, presentations, reports, Resumes etc.

I do not know why the ladies with whom I am going to be allowed me.They do find me a ‘ candy ‘. I also try to be a kind of sweet baby.

I used to be able to annoy the stupidity of women.Especially much annoyance to my mother. Still, not all women are equally clever, but I am much milder now and can carry the most inane conversations with lots of fun. Looking back to the past, for example, I also realise how clever and bright were the ‘ stupid ‘ girlfriends of my mother. Many had sat in Japanese camps, but I saw them as empty heads that could only drink tea.

As a child, I felt much more hurt by others.Now I feel that we are sharing a common failure. Especially because of the death of my girlfriend I learned a lot, but for that I had learned all of course. You are especially together to make it enjoyable. Fun in each other’s presence, where you fully accept each other with your shortcomings.

The ladies with whom I pick up speak mainly Spanish, that I could only do a little bit.I like to sit in an environment with a foreign language to experience how I am becoming more and more understood. But I couldn’t talk at all. It is not necessary to talk at all, on the contrary, they want to be able to talk to me, in the best case I am quite on a little baby and a woman finds really nix more beautiful as a babietje. I speak some better Spanish now but when I go to tell something they are usually quickly uninterested. ‘ Don’t talk so much, Yeral ‘.

I’m not really stupid, they also find it pleasant.I’m serious. I’m really interested in them, am not looking for tenderness, but give it (even though about as much as a baby’s little tenderness returns to his mother, just by being there).

I can be passionate, can make me angry.I have to keep this for me and express it elsewhere. They really can’t handle this. At the same time, the ladies can also be unreasonable, teasing and sweating. Here I can very well oppose. I stay there very quietly. Of course they should not make it to fur and take a walk with me, but then I can usually make myself kidding.

I am very honest.This is also very much appreciated. If I do or forget something wrong, I’m not going to invent any flee. It doesn’t mean I’m telling everything. When I’m in a woman, I don’t tell the other, but if she asks me, I’ll just tell it honestly. I do not maintain sexual relations with all, but the friendships are also very intensive.

About the sexual get some good criticisms, while I do nothing special at all.Relational sex, so also just really for the conviviality, where you look good on the other, but otherwise very simple desire.

I have learned to keep my mouth.The ladies like to know everything, but they don’t like it when you’re about them. Really nothing at all. No bad news and no good news. Keeping my mouth (hearing, seeing and silencing), I have really learned from them. “And Yeral how is it with her?” “You should ask her, if you want to know.”

When you talk to a woman and tell her all the secrets you know, she finds that beautiful, laughing and you have the greatest fun with her, but at the same time she finds you a stupid empty head and dangerous flapuit.”What will he not tell you about me,” she thinks at the same time. Now, if I don’t give an answer to someone’s curiosity, I sometimes get a very happy response. “I’m glad you can keep your mouth. My secrets are safe with you. “

I used to have the feeling that I had to be very mature, but we all still feel like a little baby.In a relationship I feel like a four-year-old. Father and mother play. Drink Water from a toddler’s candle holder and pretend it’s tea.

But do women not want to be a grown man in a relationship?I really do wonder. I think they see that adulthood in me, perhaps especially because I am myself, but women may feel very small children in a relationship too. Kissing and hugging, can it be even more chilmore?

I can no one anything 鈧?虄bieden (Love is not going to be a barter according to me;)) The only thing I can do is be myself and love the other.If he is satisfied with it, he stays with me. Otherwise, I wish him good luck in his search for someone else who better suits him.

I have yet to find my bags, but I have lost the manual with specifications and ingredient list.Sometimes it seems that partner choice is a job interview. Maybe that is true for some, but for the lucky ones it is hopefully different. What you see is what you get.Partner Choice is an impulse purchase. If it does not like it, it becomes a one night stand, like it well, then it becomes a long-lasting relationship or a marriage.And what about the broad spectrum of possible and usual relational desires? Well, just as it is with most user manuals, discard it and just try it out or it works.

I just need my partner to offer love, honesty, respect, trust and right of existence and tension, and things like stability in financial terms and the ability to materialistic are not part of this requirement package.If my partner cannot get satisfaction with the above or cannot satisfy himself with it, then there is the door and I am not that partner for her. Nowadays you see on relational level materialism rather on 1 than good communication and having a wonderfully passionate love life. And I prefer option 2.

Unconditional honesty in all circumstances.It’s not in me to lie or cheat. I have never gone strange and never will.

Aggression is not in me, but my ever restlessness sometimes causes me to firmly extract verbally.

I can admit when I am wrong, but also continue to go on when I know I am right.

My partner has to accept that I want to be on a regular schedule.That may be to avoid conflicts, but equally well that I am just now and then happy to be alone. I know from experience that this is rather personally conceived and in that case I find it often exhausting to convince her that this is not the case.

I have no biased opinions about male-female role distributions and I will assist and assist my partner in everything.

My personal qualities of course.A hefty bank account, intelligence, a good appearance, a lot of energy commitment, compassion, empathy, etc. I would especially like someone to be able to trust and someone who would not abuse it if I got very attached to her touch. In addition, I am willing to work on what the other is looking for in a relationship. It doesn’t matter if you want an open or closed relationship.

On the other hand, I am going to need help Bebben to understand what my emotions are doing.I don’t usually understand much of it. In addition, I can offer your njet all my time, I need time when I’m alone or turned into myself.

I still don’t know myself really well.I’m not sure exactly how I will be in a relationship.

That’s quite a very tricky question.What do you expect from the other and vice versa. What are your ultimate goals, and how do you achieve them. What you can offer yourself is yourself. Concessions in it, adjusting yourself can be up to a very certain height, which you yourself determined.

What you can offer is who you are.And stay especially who you are. And find someone you accept instead of who wants to know what you have to offer

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