What can you do to give a good first impression during a job application?

Come on time.Please. If you don’t, you’re already behind!

Immerse yourself in the company, so you can ask questions such as “I see that you are always having lunch outside, what fun, how have you come to it?” Then show your interest.Vision and mission also fun to delve into and also testifies to a different mentality than ‘ I come only to make money ‘.

Stuff like that.Mirror once. If you had a company would you take someone with your chat? Does it sound concrete or all vague. Large companies do not like that.

What always worked with me: on arrival at the company, social chat with the reception.This will see the person you’re talking to as positive.

You prepare well.Find data about the company and its executives on the web.

Good day, I work at Jibser a human-focused and data-driven recruitment agency specializing in fulfilling commercial positions.

Before you talk, you have 1 day or 2 to prepare.Just go to the hairdresser make sure your face look neat and clean. In that time, take care of all the information you can find by getting a good view of the vision, mission and strategy. This not only to be able to see the dynamics and culture of the company but also to be able to ask some specific questions.

You will have to answer most of the questions and you can apply the STAR technique.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation: give some context to the story you are going to tell, indicate where you were and why you were there.
  • Task: don’t describe what you did and what challenges you faced during this performance.
  • Action: then explain what actions you took to complete the task and how you tackled the challenges you faced.
  • Results: Finally, tell what the outcome was.

Please note that your answer should include the following: what your skills are, what you have accomplished and what you have learned from the situation.

Keep This method in mind and think of some go-to examples you can use in the interview.If you have done your research, you could tailor these examples more specifically to the job you are applying for.

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Do you have any more questions?
Then ask them via Quora and I will do research as well as possible to give you a substantiated answer!

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