What can improve the relationship between a person with autism and a neurotypical person who does not understand him/her?

Communicate.I say this from 100% experience. Join the communication of your fellow man. If that one person talks via WhatsApp. Talk via WhatsApp! If that one person prefers to talk via gestures.. Talk via gestures. I know, I let it sound too simple. But the situation is that people are no longer adapting to their fellow human beings. If you were deaf, would it be nice if someone were to talk to you in your language? And you don’t have to read lip all the time and do so much trouble but their not doing it back. Autistic people need to constantly adapt.. That is so exhausting! Join us once in our world. Maybe you’ll get a million idea with Joh.

Now that we have said that, the following;

I myself, have had a lot of trouble expressing my emotions.There is still, the label ‘ anger attack ‘ stuck on it.. While the only thing I wanted as a 4 year old whining child is to be understood! I couldn’t express my emotions and nobody taught me that. Eventually very slowly learned to express my emotions even though it became somewhat stiff because of my classmates at the time. Autistic people also often do not get the chance to express their emotions. A label is being pasted up, very often. And by the way.

An autistic person, like any person, does not find it nice to be hunted for hours in succession.If you have quarrel with that person; Give them a moment to let it settle. I myself, if I have quarrel or miscommunication with someone (like any person on this globe) often shows the chat to someone very different. Companion, best friend, someone who can give me another picture on it. It might even clarify!

Also, try to show your emotions a little clearer if you are not equally good at that.Or if an autistic person asks.. It is not mean in common. We just don’t understand you! We want to understand you so much! But if you just smile all the time, we don’t know what to do with it. This can sound very stupid, but see it as.. When you were a toddler, did adult even go very expressive? If they found something dirty put out the tongue and everything out! If you always smile, we really don’t know if you find it dirty. That’s really how it works. (And No. Don’t see us as toddlers. But an extra phrase of ‘ I don’t like this ‘ with a face that you can compare with the green inside out character.. Absolutely top!)

We are not egoistic.We only feel first how we feel to others, is quite normal though.

So after explaining all that, I therefore recommend communicating with that particular person.Asking others people doesn’t help because you don’t have to ask that particular person! If you think Jan Brussels sprouts thinks dirty, you shouldn’t ask Piet or Jan Brussels sprouts to find dirty.

That’s how it works.

And autistic individuals are super nice people.Same with non autistic people. Happy day! 鉂?p>

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