What can I do to overcome my fear of death?

As a child I was very busy dying and dead.Perhaps more still go with death than with death. My grandfather died at the age of 65, when I was 8 years old. He had gone to the kitchen to fill a jug, had become unwell and died. Alone, in a house full of people. Stuffy and panicked, it seemed, given the way he was found by the family a fifteen minutes later.

Every time I was a birthday since that day, I was thinking of how quickly my life was being forgotten.When I was nine, I would be able to live seven more for every year I had been sitting on it, assuming I would be about 72 years old. At my tenth, there were only six. When I was eleven I had only five and a half credit for every year I had lived. And when I was twelve, I could only live five times as long.

For some reason it was the most terrifying way to die for me to choke: either because I had landed in the water, or because I would not get enough oxygen in any other way.Cars that hit the water, choke by kolendamp poisoning, were a few of the possibilities that arose for a child of a year or eleven.

And so I became twenty, thirty, and yet there was that fear of dying.And then the big die began. In the gay community. People with whom I had fought together against discrimination and for the freedom to lead our lives to our nature, got sick, dronden away and died. We didn’t know how it came, we didn’t know why just gay men and boys were afflicted, there was no cure, it came ever closer. And gradually came the realization that people who had assumed that they had been alive for decades, may have already been affected by a virus, which was invisible and unrecognizable but inexorably their brains, their eyes, their lungs and intestines and committed to an atrocious end. An end without care of a hospital or nursing home, because those were afraid to admit people with AIDS, to treat, to relieve their suffering.

America had preceded us.Men saw their friends and lovers get sick and die. They had created, developed, improved and made buddy projects in large places. I gave up for a buddy training in a provincial capital nearby and learned to help people by making life a little less lonely, by being there with chats and coffee, by going to the hospital together by doing the laundry and helping a bit with ete N and especially by listening. To stories about uncertainty and anxiety. To expressions of anger about how life can deceive you by taking a large part of it off. How people leave you left when you get sick and ugly.

I traveled three times with a man in the last part of his life and with an inevitable suffering and a speedy death in the prospect.I saw despair and anger, tightness and pain and resignation up close. I saw how death apart from a disaster was also a remission of pain and exhaustion and sadness. That suffering can become so unbearable, that salvation is welcomed.

And that has helped me to accept my own mortality as the unsurmountable and necessary end of all life, so also mine.That helped me to accept life as something precious but transient, such as a flower or spring. Just the fact that they are not an end point, but part of an incredibly encompassing and fascinating cycle, makes them beautiful and worthwhile.

Thus it is also with life and thus with death, without which there is no life.

Get inspired by the stoicines.

鈧?艙it makes no sense to worry about things you can’t have control over 鈧?/p>


Fear of death is pointless, and it does not change the reality that you will die.
So either you put it down, or do your research on life renewal and immortality.

My answer?

You can not.The fear of death is essential and intertwined with us.

My advice:

You are dying.Hopefully without you noticing it, without prior suffering, but there is no guarantee for that.

That thought is the essence.Give it as rough and naked a twist as you can. And repeat it.

I can tell you, it gets used.Everything went.

I have often asked myself this question too.There are several answers that are philosophically, religiously or organically tinted.

What is dead?

You have a fear of death.First, it is important to have a definition to stick to death. Often people have no fear of death themselves, but for the way they do. For some people it is looking out to the sky, floating on clouds and eating rice pudding every day with golden spoons something they have no fear of. Other people see it as the big ‘ nothing ‘. Although the great ‘ nothing ‘ can be terrifying, it is also a kind of reassurance.

My Vision

I personally think that consciousness is gone after death.Just as it was not there for your conception (Pakweg birth, to make it easy). I have not suffered from the Big Bang, not bothered by all those centuries that came before me. In the same period, no finger cut has passed. I’m in the now. Someday I’m gone. I am incredibly grateful that I can live.

Seize the day

Enjoy life every day.Even if fate is not favourable to you. Have no fear of death, you will not realize that you are dead. You had to realise it, even fun then! Make sure that you make your dreams come true in this life, but also those of other people. That makes you immortal!

You can read books about life after death and about near-death experiences. I believe in life after the death of the physical body.But many people have had near-death experiences and I also hope that I can already visit the other world so I know where I go when the physical body dies. It’s a trip to an unfamiliar destination and so you need to consult travel guides.

Man is a consciousness with about 7 bodies.At death, man leaves the physical and energetic body behind and continues to live in another less physical world with the other bodies: the feelings, the thought, the ‘ unconditional love ‘, the ‘ will of the creator ‘, ‘ The miracle ‘. With each body there is a corresponding world of coarse material to fine material vibrations.

An angel is a creature without a physical body that has purified his emotional and mind body and lives in a less physical world.In each dimension the ‘ consciousness-being ‘ probably has a different name. Coarse world is a classroom, a field of work where the nature of the lower three-part bodies in the fire of the experience is refined, so that the spiritual light and love can shine through. This awareness process continues through the cycle through the two next, less physical worlds, that of feelings and thought.

This “consciousness-being” continues to reincarnate in the physical world again and again until the objective is reached, the purification of the feelings and the thought, so that it can come to full expression.

The coarse-temporal world is an evolution towards more sense and consciousness.The only explanation I can find for this cruel creation is, that the creator/Great Spirit, to achieve his objective, en. Developing self-awareness, the way through evolution must follow, through plants, animals, people, through feelings, thinking, I-consciousness. Given the state of imperfection, unconsciousness, ignorance, cruelty, selfishness, mismanagement of man, I think that this coarse-temporal world is only a dimension between dozens of other dimensions, fine material worlds.

The function of this coarse-temporal world is comparable to a particular school, where new students are included each year and students leave for a higher school.The value and meaning of life here on Earth is equal to the value of walking through elementary school. The Earth, as an awareness school, will continue to be visited by imperfect, ignorant, unconscious, selfish, split people.

The people (I-consciousness beings) who have accomplished the lessons of unity, general interest, love, peace, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness will, after moving the physical body in another dimension, fine material World.Through a philosophy of life with full acceptance, attribution and forgiveness for the deeds and events, the necessary life lessons are taught what the harvest of life on Earth is . The fine-temporal world can be a kind of heaven, where like-minded people live together and where they can continue the spiritual evolution.This is ultimately the most real world and probably what the creator wants to accomplish.

His: Unity, unconditional love, forgiveness, general interest

I: Individual, self-interest, needy, selfishness, desire,
Pain, hurt, shame, anger, hatred, revenge, violence.
Unconscious, imbied, cleft, ignorant.

The deeds, feelings, thoughts, words come back to the owner, the perpetrator.

It is important to try to know the position and interests of others so that in a possible dispute the interests of both parties can be respected.

The way forward for the unconscious, imperfect man is to raise awareness of his feelings and innerness, ask forgiveness, give forgiveness and forgive himself. The path is growing in self-knowledge, knowledge of great Spirit (Intelligent energy that bears the universe) and relaxing in joy.

The dance between me and his, a consciousness path whereby I can integrate and express each time more being.

The one/are in me.

The encounter and interaction between the vulnerable hours awakens the ‘ hurt child/Unconscious man ‘, brings cracks in the mask. Gives the authentic self-opportunity to be freed from the dungeon.

In Our adult life, the other is a mirror, a teacher.The scholarly lesson brings more are in the I. Life is a psychodrama school. The actual harvest of a life is truth, wisdom, honesty, capacity to unconditional love, to empathy. The other see it as someone with the same rights and interests as yourself. More light, a greater proportion of being able to integrate through awareness into the I, is also the valuable thing that man can take to the next less physical (spiritual) worlds.

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Life is beautiful to think at the end.

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